Creating a Reiki Crystal Healing Grid

    What is a Reiki Crystal Grid? A crystal grid is a special grouping of stones laid out in a particular formation for a specific purpose. When created and empowered with sacred intention and prayer, each stone within the grid amplifies the qualities and energy of the other stones. Lines of high frequency light link the stones and create a vortex of energy. Ancient Grids Many people in today’s world scoff at the idea of crystals, or special grid formations having any power to transform or heal.  I find that a bit amusing, particularly for those skeptics who spend any time on the internet. Electronics include quartz crystal to help transmit energy and information. In a sense, the internet is a crystal grid of sorts. Ancient peoples have been working with stone grids for eons. An example of an ancient style of grid is the medicine wheel. Although they are often constructed of a variety of stones; most stones include a significant amount of quartz. Our watches, and telephones have relied on quartz to move energy as well. And then of course there is Stonehenge, and other sacred sites where gridded stones are felt to promote spiritual growth and healing. Getting Started With a Basic Quartz Grid Establishing sacred intention: First of all, develop clear intent as to the purpose of your grid. It is best to start with a grid that will allow you to combine the distant healing work you do for several people. If you want, you can later move on to grids for specific projects or situations. Grids may also be set up with the...

The Butterfly Squads, God’s light resides in every living thing

I believe that God is without a body, but is a consciousness of creating, of love, and has no race, religion, or gender, is kind and nurturing, and has no limitations. God belongs to no one religion or country, but is absolutely free of limitations. The only thing that comes to my mind is that God is perhaps the light of the moon, or a star, the light that illumines the darkness. God’s light resides in every living thing. ~Laurelle Gaia

About Peace Place and the Reiki Center in Sedona

Laurelle & Michael are ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with over 25 years of experience with Reiki. Laurelle  is the author of “The Book on Karuna Reiki…advanced healing energy for our evolving world” and other books. She has also created the Reiki Crystal Healing training program. Michael is the originator of the Reiki Drumming Practitioner training program. Our videos are designed to educate, energize, and entertain....


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