Students speak of how Reiki and classes, with Laurelle & Michael at Peace Place in Sedona, changed their lives. Laurelle & Michael are ICRT Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with over 25 years of experience with Reiki. Laurelle authored “The Book on Karuna Reiki…advanced healing energy for our evolving world” and other books. She has also created the Reiki Crystal Healing training program.

Laurelle & Michael;

What a wonderful crystal healing class! You both have amazing gifts & your light shines. Thank you for bringing this sacred work to others … the world needs it now. When I returned home I used my crystals on my friend who was in the hospital recovering from surgery. The results were amazing :) she wants more. Each stone is a treasure and holds such precious information just waiting to be accessed. I am grateful for so much this week, especially spending time with both of you!  Much Love, Traci

Hi, Laurelle and Michael,

I thank you again for a fantastic Reiki Master Workshop. From the moment of my arrival in Sedona (for the second time since last year’s I and II classes), I felt at home and knew it was right to be there.

Your thoughtful and very organized but integrated way of presenting classes allows for everyone to learn, absorb and feel all that is being learned. I enjoy the frequent practice sessions which help build confidence and ease and allow a warm bonding and sharing among participants.

I feel much had shifted for me throughout the week in Sedona. I felt immense gratitude for having the opportunity to participate and have it be in the right place with the right people. ~ Love Gerdi

The class was phenomenal. It was the best class so far. What the two of you have done for me is priceless…my renewed dedication, passion and love for what I can do. Your teaching has completely opened me to embrace all that I am, all that I have to give, and it was the missing stone on my pathway. I love you both and will definitely be back for more. You have been my greatest teachers of healing and I thank you, and I love you.

Note: Phyllis was already a teaching Reiki Master trained through another program, when she joined our Reiki Master class.


…My Reiki drum made it safely home in my suitcase – thanks for telling us how to do that. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the class, it was just what I needed, personally, at this point in my life & career – I was feeling emotionally drained when I headed to Sedona and I came away refreshed, calmed and re-energized! Plus I am very excited about being able to share theReiki drumming experience with my clients, parishioners and friends.

Thank you again for a FANTASTIC experience and a wonderful, well-designed & taught class! It was great meeting you and working with you & I hope to make it back there again some time!  Blessings, — Sue

Dear Laurelle and Michael, as I am preparing to journey to Sedona again. I am filled with warm memories of the classes I took at Peace Place.

I have taken several online workshop and certificate classes prior to attending Reiki 1-2, and Crystal Reiki, beginning and intermediate, at Peace Place. I can honestly tell you, there is no comparison. I learned so much more by being present in the classroom, interacting with the other students, and being in the energy flow that you led, and held. While I learned a lot in my other classes.

It is in my opinion, better to be present,to experience the integration of knowledge and energy, and light exchanged in a live class environment. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Fondly Dorice

” I want you to know how much the Infinite Spectrum has helped me and my family. I also have used the energy with clients and have said the affirmations aloud asking them to repeat them to themselves. Those clients I have done this with have asked me to write down “those words you said”. They are truly powerful healing tools as is the whole program. Thank you again for your teaching and guidance.” ~ Teri, NY

“Thanks so much for the excellent weekend training seminar in Sedona for Reiki I and II. I have many blessings and exciting events in my life; my intent in taking this course was to acquire a very powerful and meaningful ‘tool’ in my life to begin giving back spiritually to others in a more direct way.

I have been personally disconnected from my spiritual roots of Catholicism for 25 years. I experienced some very difficult life changing events back then and while I’ve always kept the “intellectual” right living connection to God, I lost the personal direct relationship to God which had always felt easy and natural in my early years.

The attunements and healing experiences brought the inner “linking up with God” back to me in a tangible knowing ”
Ed. Taos, NM

“There was no pressure to perform, and no judgment. The class just flowed and so did the energy. I was very touched by the healing attunement.”

~ Anthony, Reiki Master

“Laurelle is one of a group of highest integrity people on the planet. She teaches with love, patience and experience.” Karuna Reiki® Master, Betty., Louisville, KY
Dear Laurelle, I enjoyed the sound healing conference so much and the crystal healing class was wonderful. I learned so much that has and will continue to enhance my Reiki treatments. I want to say that the kindness and genuine love you all show in your work is such an inspiration to all of us in the healing arts. I can’t wait to hear about the next level of Crystal Healing! Thank you.
Caroline, NC

“I took my Reiki Master Training with Laurelle & Michael in Sedona Arizona and it was a wonderful experience.” ~ Jackie Rose

“I have been using the Infinite Spectrum as suggested in the instructions. I am amazed at the shifts taking place for me. It seems no matter how challenging my day is, I am responding in a more gentle and peaceful way, and I have much more energy than before. My family and my customers are commenting on the changes they see in me.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work!”

Infinite Light Practitioner –
M.A. Trinidad, West Indies

“The questions asked were dealt with in great detail and very effectively.”

~ David, Karuna Reiki Master

“Our instructor was so eloquent in her instruction, with answers, information and advice which comes straight from her heart, the guides and the Divine Source. She was truly able to radiate Divine Love and Light throughout the duration of the class.”

~ Carolyn, Reiki Master

“Dear Laurelle
I have found the Infinite Spectrum to be a very powerful meditation. I love it! The more I do it, the stronger it gets and the more connected I feel.

Thank you for sharing such a great gift. “God Bless you.”

~an Infinite Light Practioner from New York City

“I just got back from this 1 week ART/Master class/retreat. It was an amazing experience. Laurelle, Michael and William are wonderful teachers and the entire group of 24 who attended bonded in a miraculous way over the period of a week. There was lots of opportunity to practice the attunements and gain confidence in the material. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is ready to take the step to Master level”.- Kristin Reed

Laurelle & Michael,
I just HAD to write to tell you, we had our monthly Reiki Healing Circle last night. There were 10 of us. I used my “Sacred Circles” CD as the meditation. It was sooooo powerful!

They LOVED it! Everyone there wants one.

Carolyn, Reiki Master,
Karuna Reiki Master; Buffalo, NY

“Our instructor is completely in tune with the energies and has a lot of experience.”

~ Pamela, Reiki Master

“During my attunement I saw the Christ Light and other angelic beings.”

~ Rose, Reiki Master

“You encouraged us when you were in Trinidad to share what may emerge in our practice of the Infinite Light.” . . . As my work with the Infinite Light affirmations has grown I have learned to ”use the energy to prepare a sacred space, and to set the environment for a successful encounter in my coaching and consultation work. In the majority of cases there are hurts that have to be healed and it seems that the qualities that these words exemplify are needed for a successful encounter.”

Infinite Light Practitioner – P.R. Trinidad, West Indies

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me Reiki healing, early this month!!!!

After a siege of cellulitis for 3 1/2 weeks….it’s finally beginning complete healing. Even with the physical symptoms being treated by an MD, I know the causes have been on the Spiritual level.

The night you sent your email, confirming that you would send Reiki…..about 12 hours later the pain, swelling, and redness in my left leg began a dramatic improvement. And, at that point, I was just within 24-36 hours of being hospitalized.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for sending Reiki—and for ALL that you do for the Reiki Community!!”

Peace & Love, Dave



The Next Step for Reiki Masters… Release blocks on your spiritual path NOW!

3 Day Class

09:30am – 06:00pm

Reiki Healing Drumming

A specialized method of introducing Reiki energy into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief.


10:00am – 06:00pm


ReikiSonics is designed for anyone who has prior Reiki training and would like to explore Reiki and sound on a profoundly deep level.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm

Five Day Classes

If you learn best in a non-judgmental environment with experienced, Professional Licensed Teachers…these classes are for you.


9:30am – 06:00pm


Combining the Reiki and Crystal healing energy, can enhance and strengthens both modalities.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm


Explore the purity of the Christos Consciousness as you immerse yourself in this powerful matrix of crystals & gemstones.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm


  • Be greeted with kindness, unconditional love and respect
  • Feel completely accepted for who you are
  • Learn in an environment in which you are safe to heal deeply
  • Receive quality training in a professional, and sacred classroom space
  • Learn from ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with over 30 years of experience
  • Participate in discussions, attunements and hands on Reiki sessions
  • Receive the full range of Reiki frequencies during hands-on in person attunements
  • Learn without rules, pressure, criticism, or judgment
  • Experience Reiki energy flowing through you and others in the class
  • Learn how to apply Reiki energy heal on very deep levels
  • Connect with others in the class whom have a desire to help people and the world.
  • To receive a certificate from the International Center for Reiki (ICRT) and/or Infinite Light Healing Studies Center. ICRT certificates are pre-requisites to joining the prestigious Reiki Membership Association
  • To have the opportunity to access ongoing training and/or teaching materials and articles
  • To have email support from your instructors after the class


Many people who are committed to spiritual growth as a major focus for their life are drawn to Sedona. Nature enthusiasts, lightworkers, peaceweavers, healers, and the perpetually curious are all drawn to this beautiful place for unique and personal reasons. There is a very sacred feeling when you enter this area. From the moment you are in the presence of the magnificence of Sedona’s natural beauty you may feel a wave of peace and serenity caress you.

Sedona is known by people from around the world as a powerful spiritual center comprised of many subtle energy vortexes. Many of these special places on the earth were the sites of ancient sacred ceremonies and prayer rituals.

Sedona has a population of about 15,000 residents. It is nestled amongst magnificent red rock formations. The canyons, cliffs and scenery are breathtaking, and the energy is powerful yet nurturing. The history of the area can speak to you when visiting the Ancient Indian ruins nearby.


By listening to our hearts and following those inner promptings we have been guided to share our gifts of healing, communication, love and inner peace with people all around the world. Reiki has been one of the greatest blessings in our life. It was thru Reiki and a magical tropical experience on the Big Island of Hawaii, under the full Wesak moon, that we became best friends and life partners. We share our passion for health, wellness, peace, and being of service to humanity.

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Over 30 years experience

Arthur Baird

18 years of experience
Reiki Whispers Infinite Light Healing Studies Center LLC Holy Fire Reiki Classes in Sedona AZ with Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird


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