Combining the Reiki and crystal healing energy, can enhance and strengthens both modalities.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or Spiritual Healing Practitioner who would like to expand your knowledge of crystals, this class is for you.

It is an informational, educational, exploratory class … that is FUN too!



  • How to balance and activate the chakras
  • How to clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field
  • How crystal energy can cleanse the mental and emotional field
  • How to use crystal energy and Reiki to develop healthy mental and emotional processes.
  • How to work with crystals to send healing energy to the earth
  • Methods to step out of ego and into higher consciousness
  • How to cleanse, program and nurture your crystals
  • 3 powerful crystal healing layouts
  • An introduction to crystal grids for distant healing

This attunement is designed to assist practitioners in developing the ability to align with the specific healing properties of crystals and gemstones. The symbols, which are of Lemurian origin were transmitted to Laurelle Shanti Gaia during a series of meditations, prayer sessions and crystalline journeys.


Please add your name to the wait list and we will contact you when classes are available. Thank you for your patience.
Reiki Blessings


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Reiki is a form of spiritual healing energy which is guided by the infinite intelligence of the universe, which we have come to know as the heart and mind of God. Reiki always works for the highest good and always knows how to help the recipient. Reiki communicates with the higher self of the individuals participating in the session. We have several articles on Reiki posted on this site. Please click on the articles link above to learn more about Reiki. A requirement when working with the energy of crystals is for the practitioner to have an understanding of how to be a clear and open instrument for spiritual healing energy to flow through. In order to be clear in this way, knowledge of how to disengage the personality and ego and release attachment is taught.


If you appreciate teachers who are also mentors even after the class, sign up for your Usui Holy Fire II Reiki I and II Class today!

If you are already a Reiki practitioner and would like to enhance your Reiki training & skills, while letting go of those “rules” that make no sense at all, you will LOVE this class!

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Over 30 years experience

Arthur Baird

18 years of experience
Thank You so much for everything during my recent trip to Sedona. I am so happy and grateful for you and Micheal. Your support and understanding was so helpful to me, and the Crystal Healing Class was one of my favorite classes ever !!! I already have added the Reiki Crystal Healing to my website and have people scheduled for sessions… I have taken a number of “Crystal Classes” in the past but nothing even closely compared to my experience in your class Laurelle… THANK YOU …. The information and knowledge you are sharing on this subject is VERY important. .. I cannot wait to take part 2 next year. Reiki Hugs Julie

Dear Laurelle, I taught another Level I Crystal Healing Class this weekend and that class continues to be BEYOND AMAZING!!! The students all had incredible life changing, out of body experiences, and deep healing responses in class as we did the work. A lot of tears and gratitude to you during the class from all of us for sharing these profound teachings. Julie

Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring crystal classes, Laurelle. They are quickly proving to be as life-altering as my journey into Reiki was/is. Jerilee

am so grateful for all that I learned in this class. I am also so thankful for the opportunity to have hands-on (or is that crystals-on ;) experience in class. I have taken online courses, which were helpful, but there is nothing to compare to the in person interactions with other students, as well as that profound, Crystal and Sound attunement that you gave us. I have even more reverence for our Mother Earth than ever before. I will be back for the intermediate and advanced classes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cynthia

Dear Laurelle, the crystal healing class was wonderful. I learned so much that has and will continue to enhance my Reiki treatments. I want to say that the kindness and genuine love you all show in your work is such an inspiration to all of us in the healing arts. I can’t wait to hear about the next level of Crystal Healing!  Thank you. Caroline



  1. Our classes are hands on and experiential. Healings are deep and students are learning how to facilitate sessions in person, so we only offer small in person workshops. Blessings

  2. Is there a possibility to learn the crystal Reiki at online courses?

  3. Hello Heidi: Thank you for your interest in our Crystal Healings classes. Please feel free to call Lisa at 928-203-7755 Friday or Saturday morning Jan 30 or 31 between 9 and 12 Arizona time regarding special requests. She will be able to help you.

  4. Hello, a friend and I live in MN but are interested in coming to AZ and taking the crystal healing 1 and intermediate back to back in July. Is this possible? Are there spaces left? What is the cost for the intermediate? Is there a discount if you sign up for more than one at a time? We are both Reiki Level 2 or higher.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Jennifer, thank you for your interest in our Reiki crystal classes. It is fine to take those levels together. We do require 6 months experience at the intermediate level prior to attending the advanced class. If you have other questions, or need help, please let us know. You can register online, or call our office at 928-204-1216. Blessings, Laurelle

  6. HI!
    I’ve completed the Master training and am interested in taking both your intro and intermediate crystal healing courses. I see they are scheduled a day apart next March. Is it possible to take them back to back like that? Or do you require students take time between classes (Like in between Reiki 1/2 and ART/Master.)

  7. Hi Tammy, Thank you for your love of Reiki and Crystals. You can actually take Reiki Crystal healing training immediately after your Reiki II training. The best way to prepare is to use Reiki for yourself and in your prayers every day. I look forward to meeting you and sharing Reiki and crystal healing with you. Blessings, Laurelle

  8. I have always loved crystals. I am new to reiki and want to practice, practice, practice to be able to advance on to take a reiki II. I just found your website and my dream is to learn the reiki crystal healing. How should I best prepare myself for your course.? How long should I practice between reiki I & II & you crystal class? Thank you for any info you can give me so that I can be of service to others.

  9. Kathy, have you had any in classroom training? Prior classroom training is necessary. Blessings, Laurelle Feel free to call Lisa at 928-203-7755 if you have more questions about this. Blessings, Laurelle

  10. I am interested in the Reiki Christal healing level 1 class. I have taken Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 attuments via Steve Murray’s book and cd series. Does it matter if the version of Reiki is different and if the symbols are different?
    Thank you,

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