Holy Fire II Reiki Classes

in Sacred Sedona
with Laurelle Gaia, Michael and Arthur Baird

Why Take Reiki Training at the
Reiki Center in Sedona?

The Kurama Classroom

A Sacred Reiki Classroom with many Large Magnificent Crystals. Experience limitless Reiki without rules.

Sacred Sedona

Located in Breath taking Beautiful Sedona Arizona , a must see USA domestic travel destination.

Small Nurturing Classes

Small personalized nurturing classes limited to no more then 12 students with a typical class size of 5-8 students. This allows time for individual processing, personalized learning and deep healing.

Experienced Teachers

Experience your Reiki journey with experienced teachers that have over a combined 90 years of Reiki experience.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Reiki support staff celebrating 11 years at our current Reiki Center and Reiki classroom location.

Reiki Linage

ALL Reiki Linage’s respected and honored

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki sessions available daily at Peace Place Gifts, Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Holy Fire Reiki Classes in Sedona.

Reiki Mentoring

Free Online Reiki Mentoring for six months. For Laurelle and Michael’s Past and Current Holy Fire Reiki Students.  We are accepting pre-registration for this exciting new experience.

Our Holy Fire II Reiki Classes

Reiki International Retreats

Join us and meet and share with like minded people from around the world!

4 Day Retreat

Ellenville NY & Sedona AZ

Reiki I & II

Learn what Reiki is, how it heals, and the new historical discoveries.


09:30am – 06:00pm

Reiki Art-Master Teacher

Step into Reiki Mastery, the world needs you, the time is NOW!

3 Day Class

09:30am – 06:00pm

Karuna Reiki® Master

The Next Step for Reiki Masters… Release blocks on your spiritual path NOW!

3 Day Class

09:30am – 06:00pm

Reiki Healing Drumming

A specialized method of introducing Reiki energy into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief.


10:00am – 06:00pm


ReikiSonics is designed for anyone who has prior Reiki training and would like to explore Reiki and sound on a profoundly deep level.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm

Five Day Classes

If you learn best in a non-judgmental environment with experienced, Professional Licensed Teachers…these classes are for you.


9:30am – 06:00pm

Reiki Crystal Healing Level One

Combining the Reiki and Crystal healing energy, can enhance and strengthens both modalities.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm

Reiki Crystal Healing Advanced

Explore the purity of the Christos Consciousness as you immerse yourself in this powerful matrix of crystals & gemstones.

2 Day Class

10:00am – 05:30pm

What to Expect in Our Reiki Classes

  • Be greeted with kindness, unconditional love and respect
  • Feel completely accepted for who you are
  • Learn in an environment in which you are safe to heal deeply
  • Receive quality training in a professional, and sacred classroom space
  • Learn from ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with over 90 years of experience
  • Participate in discussions, attunements and hands on Reiki sessions
  • Receive the full range of Reiki frequencies during hands-on in person attunements
  • Learn without rules, pressure, criticism, or judgment
  • Experience Reiki energy flowing through you and others in the class
  • Learn how to apply Reiki energy heal on very deep levels
  • Connect with others in the class whom have a desire to help people and the world.
  • To receive a certificate from the International Center for Reiki (ICRT) and/or Infinite Light Healing Studies Center. ICRT certificates are pre-requisites to joining the prestigious Reiki Membership Association
  • To have the opportunity to access ongoing training and/or teaching materials and articles
  • To have LIVE online Mentoring from your Instructors

Holy Fire II Reiki Classes in Sacred Sedona

Many people who are committed to spiritual growth as a major focus for their life are drawn to Sedona. Nature enthusiasts, lightworkers, peaceweavers, healers, and the perpetually curious are all drawn to this beautiful place for unique and personal reasons. There is a very sacred feeling when you enter this area. From the moment you are in the presence of the magnificence of Sedona’s natural beauty you may feel a wave of peace and serenity caress you.

Sedona is known by people from around the world as a powerful spiritual center comprised of many subtle energy vortexes. Many of these special places on the earth were the sites of ancient sacred ceremonies and prayer rituals.

Sedona has a population of about 15,000 residents. It is nestled amongst magnificent red rock formations. The canyons, cliffs and scenery are breathtaking, and the energy is powerful yet nurturing. The history of the area can speak to you when visiting the Ancient Indian ruins nearby.

Our Experienced & Licensed Teachers

By listening to our hearts and following those inner promptings we have been guided to share our gifts of healing, communication, love and inner peace with people all around the world. Reiki has been one of the greatest blessings in our life. It was thru Reiki and a magical tropical experience on the Big Island of Hawaii, under the full Wesak moon, that we became best friends and life partners. We share our passion for health, wellness, peace, and being of service to humanity.

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Over 30 years experience each

Arthur Baird

18 years of experience

Reiki Whispers Infinite Light Healing Studies Center LLC Holy Fire Reiki Classes in Sedona AZ with Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird


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