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Infinite Spectrum Experience the Healing Power of Your Soul with this Color Healing Self Study Kit & Color Healing Journey

54 min. healing journey on CD

This is an experiential journey into the healing power of your soul, using color, light and sound:

  • Explore 8 of your soul level chakras
  • Learn to activate color energy from within your being
  • Relax
  • Relieve stress
  • Learn about the healing power of your soul
  • Activate soul level energy centers
  • Develop your ability to create a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Provide yourself and your client’s with a powerful new self improvement tool.


The package contains a CD with a 5 minute introduction and a 49 minute healing journey.

The Infinite Spectrum is a source of crystalline soul light energy that you can create from within your own being. The part within you that is your Godself contains the creative power of the Universe. By activating the Infinite Spectrum you can initiate inner energies that assist in removing blockages to spiritual growth, and the ability to co-create the life your heart desires.

Do you feel called to take your next step forward on the path of Universal light love, peace, joy and prosperity? If so, the Infinite Spectrum may be beckoning you to journey deep into the healing power of your soul.

*This 8 week program is a pre-requisite to the Infinite Light Color Healing Self-Study course, which which is in development.

ISBN 0-9678721-1-1

This is an Infinite Light Transmission, transmitted through the voice of Laurelle Shanti Gaia

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6 reviews for Infinite Spectrum

  1. admin

    “This program is amazing. My husband who deals with sleep disorder and resulting panic attack went to sleep with this CD for months. It helped a great deal. It is also one of my favorite meditation CDs.” Delvin

  2. admin

    “I purchased Infinite Spectrum 8 Chakra Journey CD during the retreat. I enjoy it a lot. It is in my opinion the best meditation CD I have ever encountered.” Edwin

  3. admin

    I want you to know how much the Infinite Spectrum has helped me and my family. I also have used the energy with clients and have said the affirmations aloud asking them to repeat them to themselves. Those clients I have done this with have asked me to write down “those words you said”. They are truly powerful healing tools as is the whole program. Thank you again for your teaching and guidance.” ….Infinite Light Practitioner – T.S. New York

  4. admin

    “I have been using the Infinite Spectrum as suggested in the instructions. I am amazed at the shifts taking place for me. It seems no matter how challenging my day is, I am responding in a more gentle and peaceful way, and I have much more energy than before. My family and my customers are commenting on the changes they see in me. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. … Infinite Light Practitioner – M.A. Trinidad, West Indies

  5. admin

    “You encouraged us when you were in Trinidad to share what may emerge in our practice of the Infinite Light.” . . . As my work with the Infinite Light affirmations has grown I have learned to ”use the energy to prepare a sacred space, and to set the environment for a successful encounter in my coaching and consultation work. In the majority of cases there are hurts that have to be healed and it seems that the qualities that these words exemplify are needed for a successful encounter.” …Infinite Light Practitioner – P.R. Trinidad, West Indies

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    “Dear Laurelle
    I have found the Infinite Spectrum to be a very powerful meditation. I love it! The more I do it, the stronger it gets and the more connected I feel.
    Thank you for sharing such a great gift. “God Bless you.”
    ~an Infinite Light Practioner from New York City

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