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We send Reiki on Wednesday nights at 6-8 p.m. Arizona time.
If you are a Reiki practitioner, please feel free to join in and send Reiki to the requests.



Please provide the following information for the healing recipient:

1) Full Name or if you prefer First Name and Last Initial

2) Location (city, state, country),

3) Condition/issue for which Reiki is needed.



  1. Please send Reiki to the Speis family in Midwest City, OK. Christina has lupus and lymph nodes that have been swollen for many months and are requiring surgery. Michael is a disabled veteran with PTSD and medical issues, Desiree has fibroids, relationship, financial and life path issues and her daughter Jasey who had seizures, Brooklynn recently left an extremely abusive man and her son Masseo was born with intestines outside his body. Thank you for sending Reiki to my family, I know it has helped each one of us. Masseo almost died, it is a miracle that he survived. Please also send Reiki to me in Cottonwood, AZ for medical, mental health, relationship and financial issues.

  2. Lindsay Shelton
    Escondido California
    At 19 in 2003 my life changed drastically within seconds. Because of this drastic change I lost all of my friends, my personality, my humor, my understanding, courage, positivity etc. I tried to commit suicide, was diagnosed bipolar, manic depressive. I have come a long way since and am comparably better but I am still SO very stuck in the past. I want to be freed from it. I want to be happy and let it all go. I am also focusing my energy on losing weight. I’m 226, down 10 from last month :) but could use the positive vibes on this journey. Thank you for the help.

  3. Hello,

    Spiritial Awakening has changed my life and pulled the rug out from under me. I am called to be a healer but I feel energy blockages that seem to prevent my progression. Please send me some reiki love. I’ll be checking out your classes.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi, Thank you for the free Reiki distant sessions. I am grateful I’ve found you.
    I would like a healing session for my sons:

    Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom
    Third Eye vibrations and heavy pressure, heavy increasing during the night, unable to rest because of it and draining his energy and unable to focus on his life. This started after a sudden heart chakra opening because of use of a “push” drug. He believes that some entities entered into his energy body. He saw 3 beings coming through the light into his hearth.

    Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom
    Double personality. One very genuine, lovable, caring. The other one – you just want to lock him somewhere on an empty island. Too much to describe. When he was about 6 years old, he was hitting his elder brother (who didn’t hit back as he IS older, so smarter a bit) when I went to see what is happening. I just pulled him out of the room and give him a few slaps on his bottom and very furious and upset throw him in the other room. I heard him crying and I went after a while and try to get the sense of him. his tears running down on his cheeks barely breathing. I asked him why he did that? Why hit his brother with so much hate and … pleasure? then he said: It wasn’t me! I looked at him and I asked: what do you mean? Then he said, showing with his small finger toward himself: IT WAS HIM! THE OTHER !
    My son was 6 years old, on year 2000. At that time there was no internet or funny movies that he could watch or even his understanding was too small to be able to lie or make this up. I tried to take him at that time to the priest – (the best one in town) which in my opinion was doing business not soul healing. I didn’t trust him and I tried to educate Roland to control himself. He does it, I can say really well actually, but sometimes… it just comes out… His health also was affected on the same period of time, his spine was in S shape. He was normal till then. Fortunately he saw bone a healer who straightened his spine. He supposed to go again – he didn’t at the time he had to. By the time he went back , this … angel flew already away to help others. I couldn’t find him anymore. Roland still has back pain but not as before. He did told me few years back that if it wasn’t for me he would have been a criminal in jail somewhere maybe even dead.

    I just want these entities from both of them – to go away.
    I do REIKI myself, I just started, I wanted to practice on them but they don’t let me and also I don’t have yet the knowledge to do distance healing plus I need to practice a lot. There are so many people around me I want to help… I just feel like I am stuck and I won’t be ready in time… that it would be too late.

  5. Please send reiki for my son to focus on studies and calm his mind and good behavior.

  6. Please send me Healing Reiki for my skin rash on both arms. I have been trying to heal it with push down energy, but I don’t feel strong enough. I think that maybe my energy points are just not open. I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you,

  7. Please send reiki to my alcoholic and ever depressing husband. He is a chain smoker too and sleeps the whole day at home. Our marriage and our three year old daughter is suffering so much. Please help.

  8. Hi… I am Clara Augustine, having learned Reiki (2nd degree). I use to practice reiki regularly and then slowly stopped practicing reiki…
    Currently, I feel stressed and low with my life personally and professionally.
    I feel the need to get back to my spirituality for peace of mind and to understand purpose of my life.
    I request to provide me with reiki energy to motivate me back into practicing reiki regularly so i can help myself and others in need.
    Thank you in advance.
    Clara Augustine (Mumbai)

  9. Please consider sending energy my way, as I am on an unknown search for finding my healing ability. I am in a state uncertainty around my career and in my life, and want to learn energy work to assist others in thier healing processes.

  10. I would be most grateful for some Reiki healing for lower abdomen pain and frequent feeling to urinate. Doctor’s tests cannot locate the problem.

  11. Please send Healing Reiki to Jacey E. In Yuma, AZ. Since she was 13 yrs. old (now 15) she has been dealing with the trauma of finding her only sibling dead is his bed. She has also witnessed a girl her age being hit by a car and killed. She has nightmares, etc. Her parents also need healing as their pain is affecting the family functioning and harmony. Also, Please clear her and the family chakras so they may regain the balance needed.

  12. Hi
    I would be so grateful
    For Reiki for the shaking
    of my head and hands.

    Thank you! ❤️

  13. Health problems.

  14. I am facing financial crunch that I am not able to do anything. Please guide.

  15. Hi,
    Please send reiki as I am feeling depressed most of the times thinking about my family. Please send me good vibes so that my mind get opens up and i should think positively.

  16. Please send Reiki to unblock my Chakras so that good energy can flow in and surround me with peaceful energy. Please send blessings that enable me to realize opportunities that come or are already on my way. Please help me achieve balance in all aspects of my life and send the support that I need on my healing journey. Thank you X

  17. Hi, I am Roberto Miranda V from San Jose, Costa Rica. I have been facing digestive-gastric issues for the last years. Please send Reiki and blessings my way. Thanks before hand for your help. :)

  18. Jiana H.
    Camilla, GA, United States.
    I’m signing up for Reiki healing to clear any blockages that’s keeping me comfortable. I’m ready for a new environment, different mindset & I wanna clear all that damage from the trauma when I was young, the depression I’m going through currently. Basically, a more positive life for 2018!

  19. Requesting Reiki for anxiety and fear. To release any emotional blockages I may have/carry and to charge my energy center to its maximum capacity. Forever grateful, thank you :)

  20. I request Reiki to have a more peaceful and rewarding life.

  21. Requesting Reiki for myself on my healing journey in 2018

  22. My name is Shiraz Ahmad Khan. I suffer from hypertension & diabetes. Please send reiki
    Thank you

  23. Jenn McKeown
    Charlotte, NC USA
    I would like to come off of my depression and anxiety medication and heal myself naturally.
    I would also like to learn animal reiki to help animals in pain.

  24. I would love Reiki sent for my 2 sons Cody and Joe, they live in Washington State.
    To my son Cody, who has lost his job after 10 years. His back needs healing from this job and he wants to find a new job that does not hurt his back, and had great people he can work with! Thank You!! My other son Joe is struggling learning life lessons, I ask for Reiki for him to heal his heart and hurts.

  25. Thomas M

    Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Derbyshire, England

    Reiki for relief from anxiety and depression.

    Thank you so much

  26. Healing request for pablo hiraheta. Recently had a stroke, he is in mexico. Thank you

  27. 1) Danee Brown

    2) Charlotte, NC

    3) Healing my Chakras fully

  28. Name Ramakrishna haran
    Age 48 years
    City bangalore
    Country india
    Wife’s name sumathi
    Son’s name kaushik haran
    We reside in bangalore. Since getting married 15 days there is no harmony or marital bliss, life is full of strife and bitterness please send us healing to attain peace and happiness

  29. May I please ask for Reiki, Struggling with Bronchitis and healing for the past month and a half. Lost my job, and struggling to settle in a love relationship. Love the man dearly.

  30. Please send Reiki healing energy as I confront the possibility of breast cancer tomorrow in a scheduled biopsy. Peace and serenity to all.

  31. Reiki for career and marriage

  32. Purva M
    Pune, India.
    Need reiki for taking better career decisions and getting marriage proposals.
    Thanks in advance.

  33. Shyamala M
    Bangalore Karnataka India.
    Please send the Reiki healing energy for my 5 year old son who in spite of being intelligent is finding it difficult to concentrate in his studies and tries to avoid reading and writing. As if there is some negative energy that is avoiding him from doing so.

  34. Please send healing Reiki to my family, to Rachel s, Catherine S, Grayson S, Rick C, James L,Ben L, Amy L, Bill R, Brenda R., Amanda B , Mark K. We all need physical healing and spiritual healing. Peace, love, blessings, Namaste’

  35. Healing requested at all levels for seventy year old Kamakshi Mantha, Mumbai, India, a breast cancer survivor, who is now diagnosed with cancer of the ribs and multiple compression fractures of the D6, D11, L1, L3, and L4 vertebrae with mild retropulsion. She is currently undergoing radiation therapy.

    Kamakshi is in great pain and also mentally and emotionally upset she is a reiki teacher herself who treats herself regularly besides giving free healing to others.

    Please send her healing for proper and successful treatment to eradicate the cancer completely from her system besides pain relief and emotional support for herself and family.

    Thank you for your help.

    Love and Light

  36. Please send Reiki to Masseo (premie born with bowels outside body) and his mother Brooklynn Speis in Oklahoma City (in abusive relationship with baby’s father who is currently deployed).

  37. Hello
    I’m moving in January 2018 from Germany to Bridgeport CA for a job. Please send Reiki healing for fear & anxiety I’m having with this transition. Also for safe travels for myself and my cat, Nitrogen!
    Once I’m settled I want to learn Reiki so I’m happy I found this community.
    Thank you
    Love & Light!

  38. Requesting reiki healing for all levels, Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and Inner Child. Thank you

  39. My name is Lauren Vieira. I live in St. Louis, MO in the United States. I am requesting reiki for myself and my family. I would like all entities and negative spirits to leave myself and my family. I have been feeling a dark presence following my familiy persistantly. Other people have felt it too. We need psychic protection.

  40. I am planning a trip to Arizonda in Jan/2018 and would like to sit in on the Holy Fire 11 Karuna R Reiki Master level offered on Jan 6-8. I am registered with the ICRT. Also am wondering what you would charge.

  41. Requesting Reiki for my aunt. She survived cancer a few years back and now is having bone problems by her hips and is having issues walking sometimes. Doctors have been giving her medicine and I recommend to her that she try this because it is energy work and would start making her feel better.

  42. My name is Mio Hu, based in Los Angeles. I would like to receive reiki to meet twin flame for marriage, and acting career.

  43. I want to learn reki and I want to tune and bellance my chakras. please help me. No one is here who know rekhi this is unknown thing here.

  44. Requesting reiki healing for all levels, Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and Inner Child. Thank you

  45. Requesting reiki for myself in all areas of my life, I suppose the physical healing is the most pressing and secondly focus- wise choices.
    I had hoped to make it to the 5-day program in November with you, but now maybe January will work out for me. I had the feeling it would help me to take the course in 5 days. I completed the Karuna Reiki Master Level in 2011, but not Holy Fire.

  46. Ajit R, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Please send reiki for his knees as he is suffering with Ligament Injury & Meniscus Injury.

  47. Mr Jagadish Narayan Yadav at Muzaffarpur & Begusarai (India) has been from suffering a lot of ailments and getting fractures in various parts of the body in the last few years. Recently he has suffered from problems in collar bone. He has family problems fora long time. Kindly try to heal him

  48. Please send me Reiki to heal my mind, heart, body and soul. Especially for my fear and anxiety, going through some challenging times in life.

  49. Hi I am currently experiencing as negative energetical attachment. It came to me about 3 years ago and has only gotten more intense since. It’s affected all areas of my life and makes it very hard to focus for any measure of time. I am now learning reiki so I will be able to energetically support and heal myself. Please send reiki to me, to help with my reiki development and aptitude. As it is hard to learn and feel the reiki energy while this other energy constantly interfers with my focus and senses. Blessings to you all for offering this, and much thanks in advance!

  50. I have suffered from epilepsy since childhood kindly send free Reiki to heal my epilepsy which was not cured by any medication.

  51. We have just started a new Reiki Mentor program that you may want to check out. h
    I am adding your info to the weekly FREE REIKI.
    Reiki Blessings,
    The Staff at Reiki Classes

  52. Hi, I’m in search of a new Reiki trainer / mentor. I was attuned in Reiki 1 about 10years ago. I left massage therapy back then to pursue another passion of mine (design) , with unfortunate events as well as a tremendous spiritual growth (which I’m still finding understanding for) I’m back in massage and need to awaken my Reiki energy. The past year i’ve been having physical issues/complications with my womb (as well as sacral/solor plexus chakra) and would love for some energy send my way! I’ve been looking for some good meditations too! Blessings to you and sorry for the long post! lol :)

  53. Suffering from motor neuron disease since past 3 years almost. Currently, I cannot talk clearly, cannot walk on my own, have problems eating, swallowing and breathing. I am completely dependent on others for every single thing. Please send me reiki for my overall healing and well being. Thank you so much.

  54. Clearing of the heart chakra, to open myself to love and remove fears around love/trust/intimate relationships. Peace in the heart, to be patient as it all unfolds and to remove the clouds of loneliness.
    Peace and clarity in the mind, to make good decisions about my career and the next steps to take.
    Opening of the throat chakra, to say (kindly) what needs to be said, and to always express my thoughts without fear.
    Clearing of the energetic body and any habitual behaviors or energetic expressions that are harmful or inhibit growth/love/wholeness.

    New York, NY

  55. I feel tired, overwhelmed, scattered, unsettled, anxious, unsatisfied with my performance.
    I’d like to feel more calm, peaceful, and better about myself as a wife, mother and at my work.
    Everything is great in all the aspects of my life but I cannot beat this depression and anxiety and I beat myself up all the time! I have a beautiful healthy smart son and a loving husband who’s trying hard to not upset me, but he’s not perfect. I’m a perfectionist and I know that is wrong!

  56. Raksha n ,Bangalore,depression and anxiety

  57. Could someone send me some well wishing Reki my way. I have had a car accident I ruptured my discs in my back into the teens. I had 2 discs replaced in my neck with mechanical ones one appears to have failed and te disc below my fusion has a very large rupture with significant foramanal narrowing on the right side and its a whole new rea of pain I have done all the injections my back is in constant spasm. I am going to need another 3 more operations. I used to go to a friend for treatment but I have run out of money and can no longer afford it. I also have agoraphobia anxiety and panic disorder with depression among other things. I would like to say thank you in advance Namaste.

  58. Please reiki– for our grief of our Grandmother’s recent passing. We will be in Sedona to heal our hearts Oct. 4-5.

  59. I will be in Sedona for ONE DAY on Oct.4 to Oct. 5, we wish to heal our hearts, as our Grandmother passed away recently… I miss her so much and was so close to her… it is so difficult as we grieve her loss… we would like to try reiki for this…thank you.

  60. Please send me reiki to help heal my soul mind and be enlightened. I have lupus fibromyalgia and RA and I need whatever help I can get

  61. i need free reiki for happiness always strèssed nd have anxiety

  62. Please send me Reiki to heal my mind, heart, body and soul. Especially for my fear, going through some difficult times in life. Somewhere in South-east Asia. Thank you so much.

  63. Healing, guidance, love, and financial stability

  64. Please send Reiki to my daughter Robyn who is having a hard time dealing with life’s hardships right now. I wish for a peaceful mind for her.
    Central Arkansas

  65. I want to learn reiki

  66. Send Reiki life’s in a stand still for pets Rita Jay, Jennifer spiker plant & I!

  67. Please send reiki to Kishor Barve, Nagpur to heal from TB

  68. Continual healing from surgery

  69. Send Reiki for health to my family and me. send Reiki blessing to the world

  70. I’ve had three surgeries on my abdomen, emergency colonoscopy, Dec 24,2016, June 19,2017 repair of colonoscopy, hernia surgery. I’m 72 and diabetic..making it slower and harder for me to heal..please send the wonderful healing Reiki. Namaste’

  71. Please send Reiki to my brother-in-law and his wife who are evacuating their home in Florida due to Irma.

  72. Greetings Love & Light To All,
    I humbly request healing for myself Sushila Kisson,18/7/54,i suffer from blood pressure,diabetic,ostorporios,all joints pains alot,candidate for knee surgery,i am stalling this surgery,scared may not be successful.Surgeon said 50/50% chances or else be bound to a wheelchair,i had drainage done on my right knee,walk like a snail,i am ok with this walking.

    Also want to rent out my properties to good,honest people who can pay each and every month promptly,i placed adverts,many callers and viewers,price is right as well,once they view,promise to come back this does not happened,if there is any blockages on property from dark must go to the light,please,address is 9 Rodney Road,Durban,KZN,South Africa,stressed and financially strapped.Many thanks,abundant blessings,to all.
    Warm regards,

  73. Thank you for holding a sacred space for the entire state of Florida. With so many people processing anxiety, the Reiki flow with prayers is much needed and appreciated. OM Shanti OM

  74. I’m requesting reiki energy to enhance my own flow and to powerfully assist me in manifesting my goals and eliminating any sources of negativity

  75. Please send Reiki to mymom,mie.Heal lung cancer and her immunity going up.

  76. I request Reiki please. I have something going on with either my kidneys or liver and perhaps a cyst on my ovary. Thank you in advance for any healing you are called to send.

  77. Reiki intervention in the Category 5 storm soon to hit the United States. Downgrade the storm to softer winds and rain, small rain accumulation and protect those in its path.

  78. I have bipolar and am severely depressed, unable to leave my home and and at times, suicidal. Life seems more than I can manage. I would be very grateful to receive reiki blessings. Many thanks.

  79. Please send reiki to my son Jonathan K. as he is currently battling a virus and fever. Please send reiki to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and those in Hurricane Irma’s wake.

    Thank you so much. With much love and gratitude.

  80. Please send Reiki to Steve Ritch and David Gleekel. Steve has just found out his cancer is growing again and very highly graded.

  81. I want to get reiki to help me sell my building and change jobs. But I feel guilty. I guess just move the storm out into the ocean and save Florida

  82. Reiki for both Annas, the cats, and the wildlife in Florida….thanks friends

  83. Please send healing for constant Fibromyalgia pain and exhaustion. Thank you so much.

  84. Please send Reiki to my entire being – especially for the digestion issues and fatigue.
    Also to my dog Charlee with allergy and behavior issues. To my dog Gina with bladder issues. To my cat Maya with asthma and allergy issues.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  85. Please send Reiki for Kim V. in Huntington Beach, CA to heal her stage 4 cancer and Kelly B. in Huntington Beach, CA for healing of lung issues.

    Thank you so much!

  86. Please include in your prayers and healing Reiki for hurricane “Irma” to calm and return to sea. My parents and family members are in Florida.

  87. Please send Reiki for healing and releasing the Candida, Fibromyalgia and other issues, and for bringing in good health, happiness and ease in my life so that I can more easily take a course later this month and in October that will change my life and help many people. Sending love and blessings to you! Thank you.

  88. Please send reiki to my niece, Vivian, as she is still recovering from a big spinal surgery last spring. Thank you

  89. Please add my daughter Megan C. In Toronto, Canada for healing of ADD, Aspergers and all blocks to a successful and happy life. Thank you!

  90. I lovingly request Reiki for Charles M. Jr. who recently was diagnosed and is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer that has metastasized to his hips and lower back. Thank you in advance for loving Reiki!

    I also lovingly request Reiki for Edward C., my husband, who is being treated the 2nd time for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    With infinite gratitude!

  91. Please include in your prayers and healing Reiki for hurricane “Irma” to calm and return to sea…..May all beings be free from danger, May all beings be safe, May all beings be at Peace…….

  92. Financial assistance for my son to pay all his bills then move on in another occupation

  93. This year my health has not been the best just go from one thing to another. I can not work because of the health problems. So frustrating when you go from a good year in 2016 to this year my world is falling apart. I would appreciate a physical and mental healing, thx so much in advance.

  94. Please add to your list the healing of those using Reiki for purposes not intended. Reminding them of how Reiki was taught to them as a spiritual gift.
    I taught a Reiki class to a group of women and was later contacted by the police that they had shut them down for using it as a front for prostitution. Made me sick to my stomach.

  95. Physical Healing for my husband and financial assistance for us. Thank you so much.

  96. I need healing for my spiritual heart to open so I can let go the pain and raise up my energy level and remain open as love. I also need healing for financial freedom and more work, please. Thank you for this Laurelle. Namaste, love gratitude, Mark (Vancouver, B.C.)

  97. Showers of love for all staying in the path of hurricane Irma and those driving and traveling away from Florida and anywhere in the path of the Hurricane.

  98. Please include me and the rest of my fellow Floridians,that should the storm hit we remain safe. Also, include those in Texas and the states experiencing wildfires.
    Thank you.

  99. I need healing love and light to restore a sense of well being that glows from within, to heal my heart but more importantly, to open it once again so that I feel things, experience emotions that seem locked away by my brain responding to traumas from the past. Resilience is a good thing to possess, but not at the expense of truly feeling love in one’s heart for all living creatures.

  100. I have hit rock bottom on trying to lose weight. My morbid obesity is now effecting my life physically, mentally, socially and spiritually and it is now affecting my family. It has always been the biggest challenge of my life and the most frustrating. I have always been able to accomplish anything I set my mind too except losing weight and keeping it off. I realize that it has to be a total lifestyle change. Please send Reiki to me for guidance and will power to make the changes necessary to literally save my life. With much gratitude, Sue H.

  101. Emotional, physical, Mental, Spiritual healing

  102. I am asking reiki, for stop my fears,I have a tissue on my right knee,general health, and healing for a job.

  103. Thank you for the extra boost for reiki energy and guidance for my Mom just diagnosed with dementia. And for my son diagnosed with a very rare disorder called Hunter’s Syndrome. I love how we can trust the reiki energy for so much–healing, guidance, provision, purpose.

  104. I’ve been feeling emotionally week and depressed for the last 6 months and i have a lot of anxiety. Please send some positive energy

  105. Aviskha Gogoi, Mumbai, India.

    Thank you all for such a wonderful step to help people in need. I would like to request healing for a job I have in mind. I have applied to a particular company and this job will stabilize my financial condition. Please send Reiki Healing so that I get this job with my expected salary, and once I do, please pray that I have the strength, creativity and wisdom to keep it. Much Love and Gratitude.

  106. I’m going through a very difficult time in my life. I’m dealing with anxiety, depression, and loss, at the same time as several major life transitions. I need a calm, clear, focused mind.

  107. My name is Janice Reece, I live in Hedley BC and I was in a car accident and got two compound fractures and it has been a year and it hasn’t fully healed and my left knee is constantly feeling like it is swelled up and I recieved this when the emergency nurses tried to put a needle under my knee cap and now I am scared it will never go away. I do not no what to do with it or where I can go to get help for it. Also I have hep-c and have had it for over 15 years and am trying now to get help to heal my liver and and get help to rid my body of the hep-c. I thank you so very much for the healing.

  108. Fort Worth, Tx

    Brain, heart, and weight issues. I believe I’m under psychic attack.

  109. Please send healing for my designing business to reduce hurdles and improve my business my name is Nouman

  110. Central Louisiana, United States.

    I’ve been having female problems for years nothing has helped I need any prayers or anything that will finally resolve the issue.

    Thank you.

  111. Hi,
    Please provide reiki healing to my sister in law “Swapnali Patil” who have lost her elder son of age 16 yrs in an train accident. Please help her to recover from this pain and help her to be strong.

  112. Hi,

    I would like to receive Reiki for more energy, clarity on my business and heal a fractured molar.

  113. Please, send Reiki for my health, stomach and liver.Thank You so much !

  114. I need healing for two broken hearts.
    That they may mend with love

  115. I would love to receive and learn reiki to heal my heart and my soul.
    I am on a spiritual journey now but dont know which way to go.

  116. Please send Reiki to
    Me to help heal my heart and soul. I’m really struggling with the current situation of our country. It is deeply depressing.
    Thank you.
    I Reiki myself daily and get treated occasionally.

  117. Need healing, Jan 7 and July 13 Spinal sugary. Now on the way to healing so I can continue my Reiki 1.

    Thank you in advance

  118. i wish to get job at vibgyor roots and rise school at pay scale of 35 thousand to 40 thousand….i have currently resigned from the school where i am working …i am on notice period so wish to get job at the earliest….plz help

  119. I request reiki for me and my partner Losang so the travel we about to do to see each other happens soon in peace and love.

  120. I am interested to learn more about reiki and healing . I have chronic back pain and suffer from anxiety attacks which are getting worse.

  121. i have slip disc problem in my neck and in my middle of the back . i m just 26 years old . because of this problem i am not able to focus on my career . please give me rekie for this . thank you :)

  122. I have Lyme disease depression anxiety physical. Pain for over 25 years I really need help. I feel the blockage in my body and I my mind yet I am having trouble with defeating it. I want to live a great life but time keeps on ticking and everyone is moving forward and I am still stuck I could really use someone helping me. Thank you

  123. I received a concussion Tuesday evening, and the symptoms are still continuing. Any extra Reiki would be welcome and appreciated. This has also happened in the context of needing to find a new home for me healing work and myself. Reiki to this is also welcome and appreciated. With love and gratitude, Priscilla Schmidt, Santa Fe, NM.

  124. I am requesting Reiki to find the perfect business location and manifest 10, 000 A MONTH for my healing practice

  125. I want to learn more about reiki and how stones are used for healing.

  126. Otis J. a dog who has been having seizure bouts over the past four years. thank you

  127. i need reiki to start my master degree in gestalt therapy. This is my 2nd time as 1st time could not focus on the write-ups.
    Further, about my financial situation to cover the expenses of this course

    thank you so much

  128. I am requesting Reiki to aid in healing from a major car accident where I was hit head on. Healing progress has been slow with setbacks.

  129. I want to learn Reiki

  130. hi, I am requesting reiki energy for my dad, bill, 95 years old he just fell on weds 7/19/17 and fractured his right hip and right shoulder. he had surgery this morning 7/21/17 and will stand on his feet today. please send him love and light, my stepmom is 90 years old and fractured 2 vertabre in her back 2 months ago, she has dementia. my stepsister Cathy was in the house visiting her mom and she heard dad fall. they all live in Ga. and my brother lives in Kansas and I am in az. dad will stay in the hospital until monday7/24/17, then for two weeks he will live in a rehab facility not far from the house. he will be 96 on 7/30/17. a steel rod and several screws weren’t what he asked for on his upcoming birthday. since he and my stepsister cathy are the primerary caregivers of my stepmom (Virginia) who has dementia, please send love, light and healing energy to all. thank you all so much, love and gratitude to all of you from sarah w. thank you

  131. I am Suffering from Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety,negativity, worries, fear & financial problems..

    I don’t have a job.
    Please heal me.

  132. Healing and self-love, clarity & courage

  133. head and neck pain and pain in lower of skull

  134. donald fredrick stamm i need job opportunities and need to find my way help other people a spirit or somthing is trying to help me also i think and my grandmother nancy flaherty has pain from rheumatoid arthritis

  135. I want to heal others. Figured out i have to heal myself first. Please somebody tell me whats the next step?

  136. I had an accident. My knee is always in pain.

  137. I want to learn to do Reiki and apply it to my Husband and to me . We are dealing with sickness. I would really appreciate it. Love and Light

  138. please helpful healing of Reiki for myself who struggles with much back, leg, and feet pain and now with much chaos running through my thoughts. I need peace and enlightenments.

  139. New job opportunities, prosperity and abundance

  140. Clarity and discipline in achieving my divine purpose.
    Complete healing to my colon.

  141. Hi , Thank You for this Reiki Gift. I am struggling in moving forward in
    business and natural psychic abilities with fear blocking me. Maybe past life issues?
    Love and light.


  143. I am 54 years.I am unsuccessful male in my life. I wanna to go for higher education for my satisfaction (to get confidence) but now I am root person. I am not able to remember or learn my studies.I want to rise in my insurance work also. Please, send reiki healing to me.
    City- Agra
    State-Uttar Pradesh

  144. Please provide reiki for mental peace and stomach ailments healing.
    City- mumbai

  145. I would appreciate healing energy. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for several years, but this year has been especially trying. And my mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer, which is a great emotional challenge for me and of course, for her. Any healing you can send my way is so appreciated

  146. Clarity and discipline in reaching my healing and creative goals

  147. Please send reiki healing to me, I am struggling physically with circulation/arthritis damage in my right leg and foot, staggering headaches, overall edema and rheumatoid arthritis is my hands and loss of vision. overwhelming grief over the recent loss of my father has brought me to a dark place……..I do need your help.
    Thank you, bless you.
    Catherine y

  148. Please send healing through to me. I have sever neck pain and back pain also.

  149. Please send healing thoughts to me. I have lymphedema and circulation problems and my left leg hurts almost all the time. I can’t sleep at night because of the painful, numbness.

  150. I want to try reiki healing session, because, I just want to know how it feels.. Most I want more balance my chakras or just let energy go where it need a most. Before one month I desided change my life .. Go to vegan and it is bit big changes after many years not healthy life style who I know really effected my body.. I can’t say that my health is strong and I know I really need energy for my spiritual journey .. Thank you very much.

  151. Hi. I’ve been interested in exploring and learning more about reiki for quite some time now. What better way than to try it firsthand. I want to, if possible, redirect my anxiety energies (free floating anxiety and more specifically my biggest anxiety trigger is employment and commitment/responsibility). I’ve been struggling with that for about a decade now. Physically, I have a herniated/bulging disc in my neck, so the right side of my neck, right shoulder, and right side of my torso/right arm can definitely use some love and attention too. Thanks a ton for taking the time to read this and to consider me.

    My home location is Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, USA.

  152. I am asking for reiki for myself. I am going through big trust issues of letting go and trusting the heart again that I am asking for reiki for to help let go and trust God. Thank you for your kind help.

  153. I m a reiki practioner myself and I truly believe that together we are stronger, so I m here to ask the reiki comunity to send reiki to my dear Cousin his name is Antonio Proença, he is in Brasil right now, he is going through chemioterapy because a cancer on his Pancreas, he is a wonderful Man who just had his first grandchild, a dream for him. So Whoever can send him an extra Reiki with me it will be greatly appreciated.
    Bless you all

  154. I have been going through depression & relationship problems for quite some time now.

    Please send me Reiki for healing.

    Bangalore, Karanataka, India

  155. i have been going through depression & relationship problems for quite some time now. Please send reiki to heal.

  156. I’m asking for myself. I’ve struggled with a sleep disorder for many years. I’d like to be able to sleep–normally. Thank you.

  157. Please send Reiki to the “S” family in Midwest City, OK. Mike is a disabled veteran with PTSD and stomach and/or gall bladder problems, Chris has lupus, thyroid and adrenal problems, Des and baby are healing from recent childbirth. Brook is pregnant and in a physically, financially and emotionally abusive relationship – the abuser has just started keeping her isolated from friends and family.
    I am in Cottonwood, AZ and need Reiki for colon cancer/pre-cancer, liver, hemochromatosis, depression, anxiety and other issues. Thank you.

  158. My friend’s relative
    Mrs.Pramila Lalit Kala
    Resident Indore MP India.
    Suffering cancer last stage.
    Please send reiki to her and her family.

  159. My son committed suicide on April 1st 2017. He was 27. My heart has been torn in shreds. He was my heart. I love my other children. But he was the one that took care of me. He was my friend as well as my son. He had a heart of gold. Never said No. Always helping. And I think he gave to much. I can’t sleep. I can fake it real good. Every one thinks I am so strong. I miss him so much. Since he was born , thru his whole life. This is the longest I have ever gone without a hug from him. or a touch or a phone call. I talk to him all the time and I know he is here with me. But in all honesty it isnt the same. I am grateful for what I get. But it is not the same. I am a level II REiki but I am a psychic vampire right now. So I am not practicing.

  160. My friend Cara is a new mom and was just recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Please send her and her family reiki. Thank you.

  161. Please help me to get settle in my career and personal life.

  162. Abdulkarim Age76
    Country india
    State Tamilnadu
    City Chennai
    Joint pain all over, body pain all over,muscular pain all over body,asthma,acidity,prostrate,tumor between urinary bladder and prostrate, dizziness.

  163. Scot Schmidt passed this morning when he was hit by a semi on his way to work in Albany Oregon. Please send Reiki to those of us grieving, his family and friends, and to him. Thank you for your love, and thank you for Reiki.

  164. I am feeling exausted, depressed, veru ansious, lonely, with very low self esteem. Sometime I feel a back pain and some hard time to breath. (Brooklyn, NY)

  165. After receiving the Karuna training in June, I am feeling more and more committed to the path of Reiki. I am asking for more clarity and guidance with reiki of building a clientele and how to integrate my voice work into my reiki business. I ask for support with abundance of money flows and trust on this journey. With deepest gratitude.

  166. Jasey Rae Lewis, Midwest City, OK. Full term baby, a few days old. She is having problems getting nourishment (being fed mom’s breastmilk via syringe and bottle). Also issues with her temperature, it keeps dropping, although there is some improvement. A lot of labs and tests are being done. Please send Reiki for her. Prayers for the family would also be appreciated. Infinite love and gratitude for providing this service.

  167. Kelsey M
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    Guidance to find my path and stay on it, know my prior lives and see more clearly my intentions for this life. Staying in the positive to keep the light in my family and life. Keeping clear good intentions to guide my star child.

  168. Hello,

    I am a Reiki practitioner just starting out and transitioning out of my position as a California classroom teacher. I had been recently called to do my Karuna REIKI cert. I din’t know why but it is becoming clear to me that I am suppose to do my training in Sedona. I just got back from Sedona and stumbled upon the website from William Rand’s site and it him me that I will be coming back to Sedona very soon. I do need prayer as I feel there is trauma and blocks that need to be released. I am also being called to move to AZ by my Angels and Spirit guides. I need assistance with knowing how to move forward with this directive. I am blown away as to how much clarity and synchronicity continues to take place in my life. I look forward to the training in Karuna Reiki and Holy Fire. Namaste

  169. Miinkay Yu
    Los Angeles, CA
    Please help me gain more clarity in my intuition and have confidence in making my business successful.

  170. Hello. What a wonderful service you are providing.
    I hesitate to ask for help but I am at a crossroads and having trouble seeing the way forward.
    I would appreciate some support.

  171. Healing needed for myself due to loss of a will to live because of continual inability to live in the present moment I’ve experienced a torn ACL and am bed ridden thus magnifying the discontent in my family of five children (all schooling at home) and husband. My body and spirit need healing, I meditate for hours each day but my extraneous stress with my family are intensifying.

  172. Claudia D
    Mount Vernon, NY USA
    Physical, emotional and mental reiki healing

  173. Greetings from the Manchester, Jamaica in the West Indies.

    I am at a crossroads and feel so lost, undecided and detached. I guess I am in a transitional period of my life where I need to make some decisions as to the next chapter specifically where my job is concerned. Do I stay in a place I no longer feel comfortable but has a secure income or do I step out in faith and go it on my own? I think all my chakras are blocked especially 2, 6 and 7. I am Reiki certified for four years now but I don’t practice.

  174. A beautiful little being named Beautiful Big Bad Boy Bently, a 14 year old kitty cat, needs help. He was bit twice by a snake three weeks ago and is continuing to weaken. He has labored breathing, difficulty moving, dropping energy, and pain. We’re hydrating him.

    Please send all the Reiki Love and Holy Fire for this precious Being. He is really needing the support. We are so thank fully for all yours.

  175. I have several health issues from a bad hip to hypothyroidism. But the reason I want to learn reiki is to heal the people I care about the most.

  176. Alpesh Mahant
    Maricopa AZ USA
    I feel fatigue all the time I can not go to work can not taking care of my lovely family mother son and loving wife so can you send me Riki pleases

  177. Please send healing reiki energy to me. Very ill. Severe ankle injury requiring surgery but not able to have surgery due to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy diagnosis. Healing light needed. Thank you!

  178. TREVISO, ITALY (I forgot it)

    Please give me a guidance to share my time, love, support, smiles.

    Help me to be a woman who cares for everything she does

    Make me stronger and brighter for my brothers and sisters

  179. Please give me a guidance to share my time, love, support, smiles.

    Help me to put a focus on rendering a service through my natural talents and interests

    Make me stronger and stronger. Help me to be a woman who cares for everything she does

  180. please assist me with opening my 6th chakra. I have been working with my chakra’s clearing and strenghtening them, but tend to always have trouble with the 6th.

    Thank you for all your help and continue to do good for others.


  181. Can you help me with my heart chakra, I’ve had years of issues with it. I am looking for peace within myself.

  182. Please send reiki healing to my dad John Ryan in Limerick he’s suffering with grief last 6 months an I’m worried about him it’s people​ like u guys who make this world a better place
    Thank you thank you thank you from d bottom of my heart

  183. Please send reiki for depression for my nephew Robert Njenga Njoroge

    City: Nairobi Country: Kenya

    He is being stressed by his mother who is saying he is going to deown him, his step brother hates him and he has been down because my mother has been in the hospital for 6months now and not able to walk, talk or eat on her own.

  184. Please send Reiki to my brother Vincent K. in Russellville, KY who is battling colon cancer and my friend
    Frank D. in North Royalton OH who is battling a brain tumor.

    Thank you.

  185. Help me to create moments which make the difference to me and the people I meet

    Help me to celebrate life

  186. Please connect your Souls with my Soul to be an enthusiastic part of the Reiki Community

    I want to live in the Light

  187. I would like to ask that you please send loving, healing Reiki light to Darlene M. in Phoenix who is battling an awful, painfully life-threatening disease. Thank you!

  188. Please could you assist me with the clearing/healing of my throat chakra. I have had a problem with this area for most of my adult life, and all the symptoms points to the blocking of this area.

  189. Please send reiki for both my son and myself
    Tara K – to heal Crohn’s disease and related issues
    For my son – autism and ADHD

    Thank you so much! I am so appreciative for all you do.

  190. Mayfield, KY, USA
    Please assist me in anchoring my soul in the fifth dimension. I ask for assistance with discovering my divine soul path and achieving financial prosperity. Namastè

  191. Please send Reiki for my neck and back issues. Many thanks Peace

  192. Surayya A.
    Decatur Georgia United States of America
    Condition: Fractured left upper arm, and a moderate biceps muscle and ligament tear.

  193. Please send Reiki to Nergish at Pune (India) for regaining physical balance
    Thanks a lot

  194. I have PTSD. the condition which caused it is recurring. I am fearful about the effects of the stress on my person. I need to dissolve a growth in my foot, heal low back pain on the left side, and I am in recovery from heart issues. my relationship with my sister is in need of massive healing. please send healing!! thank you so much in advance.

  195. I am trying to conceive soon but without success bcz of my ovarian cyst my life is becoming hell with the cyst I cnt spend money to heal my cyst plz provide free reiki classes to help myself in healing

  196. Please send reiki to treat my LPR. I am in my third month and continue to feel pain and lose weight. Thank you.

  197. Please send me reiki to Hoxton in London England. I have chronic pain. clinical depression and for a clearing of the 3rd eye chakra! Thankyou. Love and light.

  198. Please send me reiki for chronic pain, depression. And for spiritual clarity. Thankyou.

  199. I would appreciate an all chakras healing, please. Thank you in advance.

  200. Please send Reiki to me for emotional and physical healing. I haven’t been myself since an assault. Its been two years. I don’t sleep well, among other things. I wish I could send you Reiki back in thanks. NY, USA.

  201. Please send healing energy to my throat chakra to help heal the vocal cord
    dysfunction- dysphonia. Thanking you with gratitude

  202. I am requesting healing for my Brother In Law in Gurgoan, India
    On the 27th Jan he suffered from GB Syndrome, after 5 days of treatment, he had a Cardiac Arrest due to which he is still unconsciousness,He is in the ICU on ventilator. Please bless him with Reiki healing for becoming conscious & for a speedy recovery.
    Thanks in advance


  203. Elvera B
    Chinle, Az
    I am requesting for your help because I am ailing from lack of rest. I have not been feeling well and I also have been feeling overwhelmed. Being tired makes me feel unmotivated and stuck in life. Please help me rise above the negativity and move forward once again. I don’t like feeling hopeless. Thank you and I believe that your prayers can help me.

  204. 1)Name: Daniel Strawford
    2) Location: Delft, Holland (city, state, country),
    3) Depression and anxiety, Indecision and lack of taking responsibility for my life and happiness.

  205. Please send me reiki for emotional healing as well as physical.

  206. I would like a FREE distant Reiki treatment. Problem is I have progressive MS and currently need a walker to get around as I am numb in both legs and left forearm and hand. I also have a herniated disc in the L5 S1 area. My inner elbows are in pain all the time due to pressure on manually lifting up legs to dress, getting into car or bed, or putting much weight on walker handles. The list goes on. I am no longer able to work and spend my time sitting, doing nothing. I don’t expect to be healed of all my medical issues. What I really want are attunements so that I can perform Reiki on myself. But a free treatment would be greatly appreciated.

  207. I need a healing in my second toe on my left foot and more mobility in the big toe on the same foot. The lack of mobility in the big toe is what is causing the excruciating pain in the second toe.

    Also I need my eyesight to improve. I also have swollen breasts tissue in my nipple area, it’s called gynecomastia. It has developed since my early teens and I don’t wanna do the surgery I would rather it shrink and or melt. Lifting weights doesn’t cure it.

    Finally, I am looking to become a Reiki Master and I just need the finances and the right school. I’ll be expectant!!! Thank you!!!

  208. Please send Reiki to Christina S. in Midwest City, OK. She may have lupus (awaiting secondary tests) and would welcome help with relationships, finances and other life challenges. Thank you for your service.

  209. ) Elisa Gisel Rodrigues
    2) Redlands CA USA
    3) The most important things is that, I am a sensitive and wish help and guidance developing my gifts. It has been difficult for me to find someone for proper guidance. I want to be able to keep my vibration up long enough to connect with spirit.
    Also, have a lot on my plate as head of house hold and children, work, a sick family member (cancer). I;m looking to find stability to be able to do what I love most, helping, healing people, and communicating with spirit. I am greatful for all that I have and receive but would wish for aid in clarity, abundance, Monetary flow, clearing of energy. Ask for clearing of all obstacles and what every seems may be helpful at this time.

  210. I am so grateful for your offer to send Reiki to my blessed but slightly broken body.:) I had a fall on concrete a few months back which damaged my right shoulder, my neck, my hips and left leg. The impact also had a concussive effect on my brain, which is what I am most concerned about. My heart has been quite sad and closed as I’ve been having a hard time functioning in my life, as a result. Your gift of prayers and light I am so grateful for. Bless you all. With love.

  211. Please send me Reiki for high blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety and relationships. Alo, finances – I would love to have the money to take classes to become a Reiki master. I live in the greater Verde Valley area in AZ.

  212. Depressed, lethargic, no motivation..please help, feel like giving up.

  213. I would like help healing my depression a and help opening my minds eye and loving myself more.

  214. Please send some healing to Mandy at
    927 Putnam Ave Apt 3r Brooklyn Ny 11221

    I would like to request Reiki healing to ease my anxiety and depression. My 1st and 2nd chakra are blocked, and I want to open them to receive stability, financial abundance, and a more comfortable relationship with sexuality. Thank you! Blessings.

  215. need to clear mental and emotional blockages and experience the divine energy flowing.

  216. Rosemere, Quebec, Canada

    I’m looking to heal old wounds which have been coming to the surface, lately. A lot of anxiety/depression, that creeps out of nowhere. Some past events I thought I let go of, but it seems like the root is deep.

  217. Please send healing reiki energy to me to ease my depression, anxiety, and ADHD or whatever it is that is inhibiting me from functioning. I want to be and feel settled with a life of genuine happiness, health, positive wealth, success, peace, and serenity. I want to feel content and happy with my life and like I am in a constant state of moving forward. I want to feel happy and at peace and to be able to help others find peace and serenity as well.
    Thank you! Bless you all!

  218. I would like to request Reiki for my fibromyalgia pain. Thank you so much for the offer. Blessings of Love and Light to all.

  219. Please send Reiki to all the stray cats behind the Bon ton Midway Shopping Plaza
    1066 Wyoming Ave Wyoming, PA 18644
    There’s about 20 or more stray cats there and I feed them. And today I was feeding them and someone shot one of them and he was lying there dead by the food bowl. He was very sweet and would let me pet him.
    Please send them Reiki so that they are protected and there’s love, good luck, good health around them.
    Thank you very much,

  220. I had a near death experience last Jan and was called by the universe to move from Philadelphia to Arizona this January. I stayed in Sedona for two nights before heading to my new “home” in Tempe. The house was a disaster and my roommate was scary so I packed my bags and went to a motel. I am staying with a wonderful woman in Sedona at the moment. I am so unsure about where to go from here – I don’t know what to do. I would love some reiki healing to help me clarify. Thank you and love and light!

  221. Anger, depression, mental/emotional imbalance, work, finances, relationships…

  222. I was in a bad car accident on 12.27.16. Please send reiki healing for my back and neck injuries, as well as the post trauma stress I am suffering. Thank you.

  223. Hello :) I have recently become enormously interested in the healing powers of stones and crystals and the correlation of our chakras. I feel an intense calling to this field, but am not able to explore it as much as I would like due to my financial situation. I have never been treated with reiki and would love the opportunity to experience the magic behind it. I am also currently in the middle of a separation with my spouse and am trying to alleviate my grief using my limited knowledge. Please let me know anything I can do to start a new path for myself by utilizing this offer of a complimentary service or any information that you would feel inclined to send my way!

  224. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m in desperate need of Reiki services. I’ve been actively working on my heart chakra. Have been told that I have a blockage or leakage on my heart chakra. I’m asking for healing reiki services. I would be grateful to receive this help.

  225. Hi,Pls send Reiki to my sister- Sukirti S she has been trying for a child since 7 years suffered TB of fallopian tubes recovered fromt that saw fertility specialist managed to conceive once but had early miscarriage she is 37 and very upset.Pls help her

  226. My request would be for cleansing of energy and protection, I absorb too much! Also feel isolated and have not made friends or have a romantic partner for years. Finances could use improvement as well…years of living paycheck to paycheck, exhausting….
    I guess it’s cleansing, protection and general tune up? :) Thank you in advance to anyone who might help.

  227. Please do a Reiki session for me. I live in San Jose, California (USA). Areas of concern include financial, emotional distress and relationship issues.

  228. Brittany McField

    Long Branch, NJ USA

    I currently am in a day program for my bipolar treatment and am not funded well. I am very curious to know if this session will help my headaches and balance out my mania and anxiety. I am in dire need for an energy balance because I believe I am also HSP and want to level out my very frantic energy. Thank you in advance !

  229. Please send Reiki to Desiree S. and her child in the womb who live near Oklahoma City, OK for a healthy pregnancy and child birth (she is due in April 2017). Also for relationships, financial issues and dealing with emotions. Thanks!

  230. Thank you for a Reiki session.
    I have severe depression and very low esteem. also head pain that is of concern, and comes and goes for several months. I am a single parent and often feel a failure but try so hard to do the right thing.

  231. Healing on love, friendship and self love and future career choices

  232. Hello, I am a young and new Karuna Reiki Master and recently started experiencing some challenging openings of my transpersonal chakra system and would appreciate any Reiki you could send my way to help me open up more to this process. Thank you so much. Your work is life-changing for so many of us! <3

  233. The neighbor’s dog tried to bite my dog, my dog dragged me thru three feet of gravel by her leash. Both legs need healed and specifically my left leg, in the same area where that leg was broken on April 3, 2016 approximately two to three inches above my left knee is still swollen and hurts when I walk. My medical issues and fact that I am unable to work during this period has caused a lot of stress.

    September 3, 2016 I had a stroke and I’m still suffering from cognitive impairment after tons & tons of chemo were pumped inside me & into my blood. I have to have $323,000 by February 20, 2017 in order to remain at home instead of moving to an assisted living facility. I need Reiki healing on my financial matters and my brain to heal from the stroke and chemo I want my intelligence back like I was before chemo caused cognitive impairment.

  234. Jennifer L, New York, NY, healing of on Finances!!!!!!!!!!! Please

  235. Name: Rasheed Ahamed
    Country/State/City: India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai
    Condition/Issue: Lower Back Pain, High Uric Level and Depression.

  236. prasanna malla
    woodside, ny

    please reiki heal my lower back pain))

  237. I learn reaiki.

  238. Requesting Reiki healing for my father 78 years name Innocente, live in Italy : problems liver, spleen, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis

  239. Legs in pain

  240. K Subadra Murthy, Mumbai, India

    Requesting Reiki healing for persistent positional vertigo and for general good health! Thank you for your help!

    Love & Light

  241. I feel I am at a cross roads, and as things are slipping away, I feel they are happening to open up a direction. Please assist me right now on this pass so I can be open to the choices. Clear away the distractions, so I can follow my bliss.

  242. Olivia Smith
    Springville, TN
    United States

    I am to the point in my learning of healing, that im aware that I have a block concerning my childhood reactions of grief that I have carried for 20 years. I would greatly appreciate any help of clearing that inflamed area of emotion that is triggered by stress and specific events in my base chakra so that the rest of my chakras can begin moving and not being stagnant anymore, allowing me to continue my quest of soul work ♡ also, I have physical pain in all of my joints and definitely from the shoulders up. Healing and relief from that pain and all my vitamin defenciencies would be so wonderful. I am so happy to have found this opportunity at this time. I love this life path I’m on, and I cannot wait to know the details once my healing begins ♡ thank you all. LOVE

  243. Hello! First I would like to thank you for doing this! I would really appreciate healing in my neck please. I have degenerative disks, and they are really bothering me and painful.

    Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind praying/sending blessings for income and true love. Does anyone know if there are free reiki classes in the Kingsland, GA area?

    With much thanks and gratitude,

    Tami B.

  244. Please send Reiki to heal all blocks, negative energies and psychic attack.
    Blessed Be.

  245. Blessings

  246. Please send Reiki for my husband Steve Kane. He has MDS, and needs healing to help him with this blood cancer. Love and light, Cindi

  247. I am a reiki master and I want to start offering services.I am having a hard time figuring out what services to provide.I keep getting messages about opening reiki services for clients that want services in the nude.Is this a destraction or is it a real market for this kind of services.I just want my soul to get the right message from my spirit

  248. I want to start reiki again. I am really missing that wonderful and amazing experiences. Thanks for giving hope.

  249. Please send me Reiki energy to heal my finances and my thoughts on money. Thank you

  250. hi
    My name is Praveen Khurmi.
    I live in Calgary,Alberta, Canada.

    I recently moved here and inn search for job since last 5 months without success. I am qualified and experienced.

    I need reiki badly to keep any negative energy away so that I could get a good job to earn my living. I will be obliged to any kkind heart who can send me free reiki as I cannot afford to pay at present.

  251. I need reiki to clear and stabilize my mind. Feeling overwhelmed…. Need to clear my chakras…

  252. Need some positive energy to help with severe depression

  253. I need healing please from dark energy.

  254. Hi! I’ve had chronic pain for about 20 yrs. I h Ave osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia with all of its symptoms that go with it. I could really use some relief if at all possible!!

  255. HI, please send reiki holy fire to help me heal my childself who is deeply wounded and betrayed and no longer trusts. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Love&Blessings.

  256. Am suffering from anger depression and negative thoughts.could u heal me.

  257. Hi.I have been in chronic pain for 5 years now..and I’m reaching out to the universe daily.. I would so appreciate some help and healing..I’m doing my very best..but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Living daily in pain has taught me lots but some relief would go such a long way.. thank you so much in advance ..
    Om Shanti

  258. Hi we need usui holy fire 11 to first nations people here in saanichton bc there is so much hatred towards them here and hate crimes against them they dont want to live they say white people all they want to do is beat us up and kill us because we are different there was a grand mother elder that was murdered here because she was different I heard there was alot of people slandered her calledher a f in wagon burner f in indians she had a mental problem and lots more please help this situation justice needs to happen on the highest level for these people

  259. Hello, Thank you for doing wonderful work.I have severe depression & anxiety. I was not able to get out of my bed since last month. I lost my job and I am very stressed & confused.I am lost at the moment. Please help me, heal me. I really appreciate your support & time.Thank you

  260. Hello the last seven years I’ve been battling with bad astral projectors the have in tested my life and attack my energy body’s and block them up with their sicknesses because I’m so sensitive to their thoughts I pick up their addictions like excessive smoking please if you can help that would be great thanks :)

  261. Hi Sarah, Thank you for contact us. Please email us at or call us directly at 928-204-1216. Blessings, ~Reiki Classes Staff~

  262. I’m an actress in Manhattan, I’m filming a high profile series in less than a month for a very popular streaming service in which I will play a Reiki practitioner. I would love to meet with anyone available in the Manhattan area with experience as a practitioner, or if willing, potentially attend a circle for research purposes. Any suggestions would be helpful- and thank you :-)

  263. Veena pallavi,

    Location: Hyderabad, india

    Heal my depression and negative thoughts and pain and suffering. Heal my relationship with my sister

  264. I want to give free reiki. I am a reiki practicioner.

  265. I suffer from constant stress and anxiety and have done for years, I’m currently doing my A Levels and this is having an impact on my ability to perform and achieve what I want to achieve this year. Please help.

  266. Good morning, please send me healing, light, and lots of love in Bowie, MD for my mending heart <3. Thank you

  267. Please help me heal my relationship with Mohammad Arif Malik in Mumbai, India. We are going through a lot of fights and negativity but I really love him. I am hopeful that he loves me too. I just need to heal him and myself and our relationship so that we are happy together. I wish that we both forgive each other for our mistakes and come back together. I truly love him and I wish for one more chance with him so that I can give my best to us.

  268. I had 2 heart attacks, was supposed to die but was sent back after 43 mins and 23 electroshocks. Damage done to my heart which allows 30 % only infraction from the heart. Big problem needing help

  269. Please send Reiki to my husband Rod F. for the hip pain he is experiencing. Is having hip replacement surgery next month. My prayer is that he receive healing that is in his best and highest good. Many thanks in advance

  270. Please send me healing, light, and love.
    Ive suffered from depression most of my life, anxiety and physical pain are my newest symptoms.
    I’m a mother and need strength to support my family mentally and emotionally.
    My job is also effected by my current state. I need balance and guidance.
    Sincere thanks

  271. Minnesota, for my deepest trauma.
    Thank you so much.

  272. Asking for Reiki healing for my husband who has been having heart palpitations and panic attacks. Believing for his healing and blessings

  273. please send reiki to me to be able to let go of the past and release any feelings of guilt and fear of punishment; to be able to live in the present moment and feel more peace of mind.

    thank you!

  274. Concentrate problem of me some few years .so ola I need some help

  275. I have dealt with chronic pain for almost three years and the medical community have all come up empty with answers as to why this is. The muscles of my spine do not hold my spine in place and my spine is constantly slipping in and out of proper alignment. This has taken a toll on my nervous system as I am unable to even touch my feet. My spine and body needs healing to help this unknown condition. Please help me.

  276. please send reiki to me I am a very disturbed soul with past related issues that have affected and tainted my life with drugs alcohol and ruined relationships with partners and my 5 children.
    Anything that can help me push the demons a way

  277. Please send me healing for my ME, depression and other health issues. Also if possible could I receive help with my career as I’ve just gone through an awful patch which has severely affected my confidence and would like some guidance towards what it truly meant for me. Many thanks in advance

  278. I am having heart pain. I am also having fear and anxiety because of negative peoples on my home. Please heal my heart chakra, and also balance my solar plexus chakra i have constipation too. I am learning Reiki these days so please balance my all chakras to help healing crisis.

    Bibhuti S
    Assam, India.

  279. Hi, could you send reiki for me to help integrate the attunement and learning I received recently, and also to help me access my intuition and divine guidance. Thank you all so much.

  280. Please send reiki energy for removing my fear and to face a neighbor who always shuts door after seeing me. I want my relationship with her normal as it very disturbing and insulting when someone close doors on your face.

    Garima Sharma


  281. Surekha R

    Mumbai,Maharashtra, India

    I m always facing career related issues. not able to achieve the good position and benefit in career.

    currently without job (web development/ software development). too much of depression so now not in a position to even attend interview. i need to get job in my field

  282. Heal me please.

  283. Can you please send me reiki for my root chakra and solar plexus chakra to undo emotional/fear blocks, and to heal my child-self.
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Thank you very much. Love&Blessings, Mark

  284. Can you please send me reiki for my root chakra and solar plexus chakra to undo emotional/fear blocks. Thank you very much. Love&Blessings, Mark

  285. Hello! My name is Amanda! I am working on Opening and Balancing all of my Chakras, could you please send me Reiki to help Open and Balance my Chakras! Thank You!! =)

  286. I want to learn reiki and would like to receive the reiki

  287. The above Michelle P. is living in NYC.

  288. I feel so selfish asking for reiki, but I have had a problem with my left hamstring for over a year now and no doctor has been able to help me or properly diagnose me. I also have a clogged salivary gland. I am very receptive to reiki and have been helped by it in the past. I’m really writing because I have extreme emotional pain. Thank you for everything you do.

  289. Hi, I am hoping for healing for my low pituitary function. Because of something wrong with the pituitary, my growth hormone is very low, thyroid low, adrenals low as a result and thus my energy/exercise tolerance is very low. Add in diabetes/metabolic syndrome to the picture and a genetic disorder which makes me a very slow liver detoxifier. What a mess! Any help would be so appreciated. Bless all you Reiki healers, what you are doing is wonderful.

  290. Not for me but for my best friend. B.K.B. (in El paso, tx) has recently found out about 2 large blood clots in his head. He is worried that he will have to be on blood thinners for the rest of his life which would make him unable to continue his 2 jobs as a paramedic. His 2 teenage daughters have moved in with him because his ex had to relocate temporarily for her recent diagnosis of leukemia. Not only does my friend have horrible, horrible headaches from the clots, whenever he tries to eat, his GERD acts up and gives him severe heartburn, resulting in vomiting, which adds pressure to his head. Please, reiki the hell out of him. I cant stand seeing him like this. Thank you for anything you can assist with.

  291. Hi I’m Michelle A in NYC. 8 months ago I had a kidney transplant couple with other major surgeries in previous years. I need help in healing my depression that I am now facing due to major health issues (now stable) unemployment (have been actively trying to find a job with no luck) which is a major source of mine for my survival. Plus living with a loved one with dementia which is making me lose my sense of self happiness and needing clarity. Any help offered is appreciated. Thank you.

  292. Adelaide, South Australia.

    I am currently experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms that are not yet formally diagnosed. I am physically feeling the worst I have in a very, very long time.

    Thank you.

  293. My partner and I are trying for a baby & haven been for a while with no luck. We are just about to undergo fertility testing to see if we are able to have children. Any help for us to relax, conceive or create the positive environment for a baby to grow would be much appreciated. Much love, thank you xx

  294. Hi! Need reiki for more success with my writing and art…to keep being creative! Staten island n.y.

  295. Help you I am scared for my life situation. I cannot explain. Please help.
    Thank you

  296. I have R.A immune system is very low.
    Blood sugar & pressure are poor
    Seriously overweight.

  297. I am having nerve pain in both arms down to my fingers. Starting at my NOT so funny funny bone. Feels like something is hitting my funny bones and the pain radiates down to my fingers. My left foot has plantar fasciitis also, but my arms are what is truly a concern for me. Thank you for any help at all.

  298. I am asking for distance Reiki to aid in healing some physical issues.

  299. Jadhav Jayashri
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    I am 34 years old married girl. I have lot of depression that’s why
    since 2 years My Molecular Cycle is gone. please help me out I want live a good life with full of peace & enjoy.

  300. I feel a blockage and stagnation in most areas of my life. I have many fears & insecurities as well. Please help me heal my energies. Much love and gratitude.

  301. I’ve great depression and no job,no friends. My hair are thinning,I hav severe constipation since 8 years,insomnia,no hunger and acidity,gas. Please help me

  302. I am from Las Vegas, Nv, USA.

  303. Good evening. I recently lost my job and I also learned I was pregnant. I have been experiencing bad headaches and nausea. I would like to relieve stress and create a happy baby. This is my first child and I am so nervous…

  304. please help my aunt who is about to pass due to an enlarged spleen and blood problems. She is a strong women whose mane is connie D. my name is Maria F both from Worcester, mass, we pray for her to have a peaceful death, since there is nothing, as we are told that anyone can do at this point. She is suffering so and now on Hospice. We also pray for her family to heal after it. But perhaps there is some hope, that she will recover and she will be healed of her long illness.

  305. Hello I am a Reiki Master-Teacher/Healing Facilitator in multiple Reiki traditions and am myself in need of more Reiki then I am able to provide for myself. In January I herniated a disc in my lower back and since then have either not been able to walk at all or only able to walk short distances and be mobile only with the aid of another individual or an assistive device i.e. walker or wheelchair and have had to live in a hospital bed in my home. I have been doing daily Reiki treatments and have gone from no walking and dragging my left foot unable to lift it to now being able to walk longer distances still with aid and recently in the last 2 weeks in fact have been able to lift my left leg again and not drag my foot. My condition has been further exacerbated by the fact I have a congenital heart condition and had to have a pace maker installed the 6th day I was in the hospital because my heart kept stopping at night in my sleep while I was in the hospital a condition they have said I probably have had for some time but undiagnosed and lucky I haven’t died from, my cardiologist called it chronic bradycardia, even with my medical background I wasn’t aware there was such a creature as chronic bradycardia but apparently there is. This as you can imagine has not aided in my healing at all. My prognosis is surgery bound according to the neurosurgeon as my herniation is as he put it significant. So what I am asking is for just a little bit of a bolster or as they say in the vaccination department I need a booster shot.

  306. Hello my name is Laura Waddell. I live in East Petpeswick, NS, Canada. I have had a diffucult time emotionally, physically and have been held back by fear for years now. I am trained in Reiki 1, massage and reflexology. I am looking to start yoga teacher training (but feeling fear, both financial and fear of failure). I would like to further advance my Reiki and get attunments for level 2 and 3. My ultimate goal will be to help heal others (again being held back by fear of commitiment and starting own business). I feel that before I can help others I require some healing. If you could send me some Reiki I know the collective power will go to where it’s most needed. Thanks.

  307. Dear Reiki Community, a relationship that has not been healthy for some time is ending. Any all Reiki for support of both parties in this situation is gratefully appreciated. Thank you everyone. Much love and gratitude.

  308. This is Alison Fernandez again. I forgot to put that I am from Bronx, NY in the United States.

  309. My name is Alison Fernandez. I would like to recieve reiki in order to assist me in my reiki attunement process. I have yet to get my attunements because I am trying to work on bettering myself overall. I want to recieve reiki today to help me control my anger, be more patient and accepting, and be completely open to love. I want reiki to flow through me so that I can assist those who need it, but before doing so, I want to be a greater version of myself. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this and help me throughout this journey.

  310. I’ve been very stressed and feel like I am blocked from happiness. Need a new clear mindset.

  311. Hi, I’m Antonio K, living in El Cerrito, California. I would be blessed by receiving Reiki energy to help cure my spine and sleeping problem. Thank you so much!

  312. Please send healing energy all around for me. I have become very anxious and have no self confidence. I feel quite fearful of so many things. This is very strange for me. I have always been quite fearless and lived life to the fullest. I recently left a job where I think most of these feelings originated. I finally had realized that the job atmosphere was very detrimental to my well being. Now I’m unemployed but feeling a wee bit better about things. Thank you to anyone that could help me out.

  313. I’m desperate for some healing in my life. My energy levels are low, my mind feels fogged, I always feel sick and drained, not as full of life and I’m scared about a legal situation that could effect my family with the legal part, due to back when I drank alcohol 3 months ago. I’ve been through a lot of traumatizing stuff non stop since my mother died 8 years ago and I’m trying to get myself back to a zen state of mind and I could really use this help. I could use a boost in my life. Please help. Thank you.

  314. I am a new Reiki II practitioner and would like guidance in helping others with their healing. If possible I would like to live part time in AZ (preferably Sedona) further studying and applying Reiki. I have lived in AZ for over 20 years and I am currently in TN. I am retired but I really want to do something “purposeful” for this world. I guess I need a good shot of Reiki to give me “direction”. My wife and I have a very nice motorhome and three wonderful dogs. We all could use some Reiki! Love and light to all.

  315. My name is Daniel Skinner and posted a comment or request for healing earlier today at 1:14pm but forgot to put my city and state. Please add this to my today’s request. My city is
    Woodland Hills, CA. USA.

    Thank you.

  316. Hi,
    I’ve been going through odd changes and stress in life which started about 1 year ago or less. I lost my brother 2 years ago, my girlfriend (sons mom) of 7 years left me strangely for no reason, my dad died 2 weeks ago and seems life is out of wack when everything before was normal. My health is up and down which is odd. I did a chakra test online from a healer called Logan and it said several of my chakras are over and under active or not active which is causing my life to go up and down with relationships, money, health, sleeping pattern changed and love. I’ve heard great things about Reiki, even on TV that it balances your chakras and life. I want that. Please send me Reiki. I could go on on what is going on but this would be long. Thank you and bless you.

  317. I’m Ravi from Salem,Tamil Nadu, India. Please help me to cure my thyroid, low sugar and hair loss problems. I loose many good opportunities because of lack of self confidence, please help me to gain confidence.Thank you

  318. Healing for my mind, spirit and body and joy and happiness

  319. I need to sleepmore at nite before midnite and eat less and better stuff need to lose 100lbs and focus and consintrate better and clean and keep my truck and home and pets cleanier and save money instead of always spending. Help my self confidence and joy and happiness in my life and peach and finacial abuandance. Clear writting for others to understand and finish all my writting and volunteer obligations. Exercise daily doing 10-30 minutes. Get rid of headaches and pain

  320. I need peace ,emotionally stressed.for my kids and health.

  321. Thank you so much for sharing a healing connection with me! Please send divine energy to open and cleanse my chakras, especially the throat chakra and pineal gland. I will send it back to you with love and gratitude.

  322. I had a very difficult childhood. I became a mother before I turned 17 years old. I really tried to make that marriage worked. I was both mentally and physically abused. I really need to receive healing! I am now 63 years old and I feel that I did not have a childhood, i sacrificed for others, I deserve to find peace in my golden years.

  323. Please send healing for release of old stored toxins, betrayal, stress and fear that seem to be resurfacing in my life, so my body, mind and spirit are healed. I look forward to receiving the healing with gratitude and love.

  324. Tony A.
    New York, NY
    I live in NYC – lost my job a year ago while going through a divorce and have been taking the safe route applying to jobs (finance, consulting, VC background) that’ll make me miserable and take me into a rut again, and (gratefully) haven’t received any offers. I thought hard and realized the only thing I’ve been committed to my entire life has been feeling and looking right, exercising vigorously and eating well. Something strong is guiding me to do something in the wellness/fitness/lifestyle realm but not quite sure what to do nor how to approach it. I’m interested in experiencing Reiki as I know it will have a profound effect on what comes next.

  325. Hello, I am in need of Reiki to clear emotional instability, be more motivated so I could get a new job to sustain myself financially and emotionally.

    Thank You

  326. I have a weight problem and would like receive reiki healing to help me lose weight and to feel good about myself.

  327. Please send me reiki healing. I wish to energize my chakras and heal pain in arm, legs and thigh.

  328. I need to release all my blocks, and victim life I no longer want to live- need to have a NEW second act- become who I was meant to be

  329. I would greatly appreciate it if Reiki would heal my mental illness, heal my love of self, help me to trust others and myself to make the right decisions, and to most importantly, become stable and maintain that stability for the sake of my business goals and my family. <3 Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  330. My name is Bindya Vijay. I am staying in Atlanta. My project was over by last December. I am in search of a job for last 6 months. I Could not find a job yet. Could you please help me to find a good job as soon as possible by sending me powerful reiki energy. I am open to receive positive energy from you.

    Thank you very much

  331. Several of us have been in contact who have been diagnosed with Dercum’s Disease. We are all Reiki practices, albeit I have not practiced for over 8 years. We would like to ask for help of others in clearing this dis-ease from our bodies. Although we are told it is progressive and painful, we all believe that we can change this in ourselves especially with the help of others. PLease send us all Reiki healing and I personally will join in Wednesday night at 9 PM.

  332. I, Samantha S., kindly request Reiki sent to me in Beacon NY, USA, for I suffer multiple invisible illnesses. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, manic depression and anxiety disorders plague my day to day living. I am often in chronic pain, whether it is emotional, physical, mental or spiritual,and it can be debilitating. I would love to live a fuller life rather than being hindered by these disorders. Please hear my prayer.

  333. I kindly request Reiki sent to me for I suffer multiple invisible illnesses. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, manic depression and anxiety disorders plague my day to day living. I am often in chronic pain, whether it is emotional, physical, mental or spiritual,and it can be debilitating. I would love to live a fuller life rather than being hindered by these disorders. Please hear my prayer.

  334. I ask for healing for my Father who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.
    And for my wife and I that we receive healing where it needs to go for our highest and greatest good. Blessings All.

  335. I ask for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for myself, Randy Crawford, here in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I have had some issues with my depression, living situation and spiritual connection to the world I live in and the spirit realm. I ask for blessings and healing for my daily life and to have positivity, positive vibes and a positive life!

  336. Spiritual bloke would like to connect to the divine feminine side of myself and balance it with the divine masculine.Blessings to you all.

  337. i want to take a reiki all because i love it.
    I live in delhi in south zone.

  338. i need the reiki process for overcome bad thoughts.

  339. First thing I know who am I throguh Reiki then I will help others. Please send reiki

    Thank you,

  340. Please send Reiki for healing in all areas of my life – mental and physical health, finances, spiritual growth, relationships, life purpose fulfillment. I live in the greater Verde Valley area in Arizona.

  341. Hi there! I need some reiki to heal water and other fluid retentions all over my body. Thank you! :-D

  342. I am open to receiving healing to open any blockages of my Chakras. Healing of the body and mind. Open up my Heart Chakra where I am able to connect with my Spiritual Guides so they can guide me to my highest and greatest good, remove all negativity that binds me, my Soul is troubled and I’m in need of inner peace. My Soul has been searching a long time for the peace and harmony and I feel I have found it. Sedona. Blessings and Light and Love to All, Thank you.

  343. We all attract our healers,teachers, and guides to continue our universal growth. I find the synchronicity of pursuing the path of the healer as divine purpose. Healing myself as a foundation, to then heal my moons (grandmother & mom), my love, friends, family and any of natures creatures and flora.
    If this gift can be afforded to me through good will I will continue sharing this inception to promote universal balance. My heart and sacral chakra are in need of attunement. I request healing in those areas so that I can propel my interest in the art of healing forward.

    In wholeness and balance

  344. Healing is needed for Jim Youngman who is scheduled for surgery Thursday.

  345. Please send reiki for my health am suffering from arthertis and want again start my life. Had gone through many downs do not wish disclose here if some one can share number. I will explain the issue

  346. I would like to forget someone in my life and free me from all the pain he created and free from bitterness and resentment towards him.

  347. I want to receive healing for physical health and mental peace. Also, to find a room to rent in San Francisco.

  348. Hi I’m Vanitha 28+ from India Hyderabad.
    My family is very worried and depressed for the delay in my marriage I’m already 28+ and I have a Younger sister.

    From The last 3months reiki is going on me to get my marriage fix soon but nothing has happened yet. Lot of matches coming but rejecting. Its very painful to get rejected by so many people.

    After April 30th till August there are no good days for marriage not even for fixing. Once my marriage gets fixed by April 30th we feel relief.

    Please Please I beg you to send me reiki that my marriage must get fixed by April 30th. I want Miracle to happen in my life.
    Thank you.

  349. Please help me send Reiki to Mateo O. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA – Suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF), anxiety, and depression. Help to ease symptoms of this disease, to encourage motivation to exercise and change diet.


  351. I hope to find somebody who is able to help me here.
    My name is Alex and i am 19 years old. I have an emotional hole in my body, i am full of anxiety, loneliness, sadness and pain. I am trying my best to get through the days, but i have lived my life in a very “rough” like state almost my entire life. I am very traumatized and could really use some warmth from your Reiki skills.

    Thank you for your kindness.
    – Alex

  352. Please send reiki of love, health and hope to my country of Ecuador where it was an earthquake day ago.

    Thank you.

  353. Need peace, I am emotional stressed and worry because of the earthquake in my country Ecuador.

    Need to find out how to control my worries about my family that is far away.

  354. I would like to receive healing for mental Illness, back pain and for the highest and greatest good! Thank you very much

  355. I am open to receiving divine healing, in all areas of myself and my life. With the power of love I stand powerfully in my strength, integrity,soul, and heart. Thank you.

  356. My mom, Joyce Lindgren (Minneapolis, MN) is in hospice at home and dying of cancer; her condition recently worsened and she has much pain. Any light and support to take away the pain would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  357. Hey, I am requesting a Reiki session for some help with emotional healing from a recent tragic experience. Hope to hear back from you.

  358. I am a Transitional Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner amongst other things. However with all my vast knowledge I’m almost at a flatline in every area of my life. I despritely need healing. My health, a complete hormonal imbalance and chronic back, hip & leg pain causing fibromyalgia, depression,stress and anxiety. My family, I’m losing them in different ways because I can’t seem to turn the negative around and of course financial because I can’t build my business while I’m in this condition cause there is zero space for me to help anyone. Im about to lose my home & lost my car. I’m pleading for help for the sake of the universe, my community, my family and myself to help heal me and enable me to turn it all around and have the space to soar to help others again. Thank you!

  359. I have knee pain from past 7 years it makes me very painful to fold even and now from last 6 months I am experiencing the start of pain in other knee also. I also got diagnosed with heart problem but now I m quite better. My husband is also facing money problem and daughter is getting elder I am very tensed. I heard for Reiki classes and would like to take it.

  360. For my romantic partner and child. And for myself as well so that I may always confidently provide and have my own career and finances well. Dissolving poverty consciousness for my family and I, in order to experience a greater joy,& strive as we forgive slowly our past lives and accept the only moment that matters now. Unity overall and a new safe secure home to provide on our own.

  361. Aria- From central NY. solar plexus root chakra- throat chakra. Post partum and recent hernia surgery trauma. Hoping to find perfect cozy place with new family and be free of dis-ease. Thank you so much for your healing and services! GodBless you and all and everyone who posted

  362. I am requesting reiki on behalf of my mother who has several health issues (carotid arteries, hip, and kidney cancer) and is struggling hard to turn her energy and thoughts into positive, optimistic, an healing tools.

  363. Hi,
    I want to use Reiki to help align my chakras after such an intense and dense point in my life. My thymus chakra feels a little off.

    Thank you!

    New York, NY, USA

  364. have stroke

  365. I request reiki or karuna reiki on my behalf – Isabel – and on behalf of my father – Joaquim – and his restaurant in Lisbon – Paulino, as we are suddenly having many money problems. Thank you.

  366. Hi Laurelle And Michael
    I m asking If you can share with the reiki community or put on your intentions to send Reiki to a dear uncle who is in Brasil fighting for his life on an icu his name is Joao Patane
    Thank you

  367. I am requesting assistance with healing what seem like side effects from an energy session at a share from a week ago. Since the session, the top of my head feels scraped open, and my head overall feels painful and full of pressure, my sinuses have been severely blocked and breathing is restricted, and I’ve had an on and off again migraine. Self Reiki has helped, but the sensations are not clearing. It is unclear to me what exactly I am working through, but I trust the right intentions will help heal and ease these symptoms. Much gratitude for the love and support in this healing. Blessings to all.

  368. I am dealing with a large benign tumor in my uterus which is causing heavy bleeding leading to anemia. Please send healing light. Thank You

  369. I’m feeling really low-energy right now, and struggling with post-partum depression. I’m unable to pay for Reiki sessions right now, but feel like I need them. Is it possible to do a trade of some sort? I have a Level II certification.

  370. please pray for me. guillian burre syndrome= shaky legs when walk n when i sit. tendonities both arms, left rotator cuff tear then surgey but arm still bad. finger on both arms get stinging in it nerophany. bulging disk in spine top n bottom, restless leggs syndrome, migraines daily, heart palpatation from leaky heart vaule.,use cpap machine. low blood always cold. please send good vibes. haven worked in 6yrs.need healing so can try n be half way normal. lol :) put in for disability. please pray that i receive it so i can take care of myself am homeless. thanks a million.

  371. My name is Nikoma H. from Muskegon, Mi. My father has hydrocephalus and it has really been acting up lately. I put a blue lace agate crystal in his coffee pot but that’s only the beginning of his healing. Please send any and all Reiki possible, thank you with all my heart and soul. I wish you a blessed day.

  372. Please send me Reiki tutor

  373. Diagnosed with Eosinaphillic Esphofagitis, Hiatal Hernia and Fatty Liver disease. I am in constant pain and only 47 and have two young teens kids at home. Getting through the day without physical and emotional pain that causes me to behave not like myself. i would be forever grateful for help with Reiki and the many blockages i can feel and know i have to get a break through. Thank you in advance

  374. My friend battles with extreme stress and anxiety, so much so that he had a nervous breakdown , and was paralyzed for 1month. He is a musician, reaching fame and is getting worse because of his career, he needs help balancing his life now

  375. I would like reiki healing for all the bad energy in my home around me and my loved ones thank you

  376. Pls send healing reiki for my health & emotions. And for my 14yr old special needs son w/epilepsy. For the health & emotions of my 12 yr old daughter & 10 yr old son. I’m a single patent from a broken family and wish to provide nothing but the best teachings of life and it’s experiences to my children. So they may be conscientious, compassionate & giving people throughout their lifetimes! P.s.: I’d love to learn reiki myself. :) <3 TY!

  377. Reiki to remove all bocks of financial abundance, open my chakras to receive the grace and favor of healing at a distance.

  378. I’ve been having pain in my back and hips, I think are related to some emotional issues I’m having in my mind …i would like to request this healing to help my mind so that I can create my path with confidence.

  379. she has severe migraine,ankespondilitys,psychic attacks,bad relationship with husbnd ramana. please heal her physicl,mental health and relation with husband

  380. Please send Reiki to my mom, Patricia in New Jersey. She has Alzheimer’s and I’m requesting healing for her highest good. Blessings and Thanks!

  381. Having a hard time overcoming negativity from a person near me. I need to live and make friends again.

  382. i would like my boyfriend michael to receive a free reiki treatment. We live in Phoenix and go up to Sedona a lot to get away so it’s a special place to us. He struggles with many different mental and behavioral problems suchas anxiety depression bipolar and boarder line personality disorder. He recently lost his mom to pancreatic cancer. He’s having a very hard time with life, work, relationships, self esteem and he lost his mom, his best friend, he needs something and I can’t get him to go see a professional in helping deal w the loss of his mom especially but everything else as well. I think reiki would help him and he may be more likely to try something he’s never done in a place that’s special to us already.

  383. I need reiki for emotional healings and clearing chakras

  384. Waynesboro Ga. I’d like free reiki healing of unwanted spirits and psychic attacks. My bathroom sessions are being placed on-hold and hair loss. All is out-of- the norms for me.

  385. We are sending Reiki. Peace and blessings, Laurelle

  386. my son vamsi yechoor fainted while playing. The doctors want to do ekg and check for brugada syndrome of heart. Please heal that test will be fine.

  387. I have right hand Carpal-Tunnel syndrome and is getting worse. The tendon from my elbow to my shoulder is very painful. I’m not taken any pain medication, not even Tylenol. Please send me some healing Reiki to feel better. Thank you

  388. Hi, My father is admitted to Hospital aged about 71 years and he undergone surgery on the right leg becoz of infection on leg from last one month and still no improvement. He suffering from pains in nervous system of right leg. Please send him healing reiki for speedy recovery. Name :- Anjaneyalu, Age:-71, Place:- Tumkur, Location :- Karnataka State: India. Thanks in advance.

  389. I have lot of Pain in my Both Knees for few years but severe Pain
    since June 2014. Therefore, Appreciate very much for sending me Healing to my both Knees.
    Thank you & love you all.
    devender s.

  390. I spent extended amount of time in an unhealthy relationship. Now I have lingering energy issues – constantly feeling depleated and un motivated. Please send Reiki. Thank you so much! <3

  391. Pain of right side from neck to hand and bachbon

  392. My 6 month old grandson has breathing issues. He is teething right now and creating more secretions than normal and we are constantly suctioning him. Its bad right now and his oxygen levels keep dropping. He was born with a little bit of dead white brain matter which is part of his breathing issues. He has low muscle tone. He is a very happy and loved baby but right now he does not feel well. Please send him healing reiki so that he may breathe clearly.

    Thank you

  393. emotional healing and forgivness

  394. I need reiki for my business , I have started baking classes and cake bake studio .Want to cure from all my financial crises ,we are really in problem.

  395. Sending Reiki now.

  396. Rona, thank you for showing up for him as the Unconditionally loving being that you are. We will send Reiki for his highest good.

  397. I have been aware of blockages & foggy mind & vision for awhile now…I have Raynaud’s syndrome with rheumatoid arthritis & possibly a heart condition…my reiki just seems to get hot & cold, just like me…TYIA for all of the Universal Love…peace

  398. I recently was asked to speak at a long time friends Drug Intervention. The entire scenario was hard, but something I needed to do. In the end he hugged me tightly as he whispered that only what I said matter out of everyone in the room that were blood related. He told me that the unconditional love I’ve given him means everything. He kept only my letter that I had to read aloud to him. He’s a great young man. I’ve been a friend of his family for over 30 years. He’s got such a bright soul and an amazing chance to be something…someone Great. His inner compassion for others is overwhelming. My hope is that anyone out there reading can help and send him some much needed Love, Light and Hope. I myself am a true believer of all holistic healing. I find it fascinating and have experienced a Reiki session along with other healing techniques. Please send some good his way. His name is Dylan, but we call him “Lovey” and he’s got a great opportunity to leave for detox and all much needed help. I just hope he takes it. My first feeling was he was going too, but during our hug goodbye I sensed a little hesitation. Thank you

  399. Please send Reiki to us:

    Mother Father God, Creator of the Universe,

    I lift up Your children Roberta and Jerry, their entire family, and all those in their spheres of influence to You today. Thank You for Your Divine Love streaming to them now from all directions–seen and unseen. Thank You for for Your wisdom infusing through every member of Jerry’s healthcare team constantly. Thank You for helping Roberta to channel her fears and stress in new ways that are healthy and energizing. Thank You for all the support gifted to them by others especially during this time. Thank You that their level of communication has deepened, that they can laugh and be each others bulwark against their fears and upsets. Thank You for their memories of their happy times together as well as the tough times that made them strong. Thank You for the expert care of Jerry, with the oncologists and nursing staff providing him with an accurate diagnosis and most effective treatments. May all unhealthy cells and thoughts be lifted up to You, Creator, and we ask that they be transmuted into the Clear Light, into the Nothingness from whence they came. Thank You for radiating his body with wholesomeness, healthy new cells, and peace. Thank You for all the good in these folks’ lives in the past, all the good that is heaped up and overflowing right now in this moment of time, and all the good that is yet to come. May Your kindness, clarity, compassion, humor, forgiveness, knowledge, power, wisdom, and love infuse through every particle of their bodies and throughout their minds with every breath. Breathe deeply! Thank You for this amazing day, for winter’s breath against our cheeks now so pregnant with new life of springtime. Thank You for this precious way to pray. Thank You for the Good Spirits of the Six Directions who walk with us every day, surrounding us with Your Divine Radiance. Make these prayers straight, Creator. Thank You for answering them in good and gentle ways for all time, all space, and all dimension throughout the hologram of life and existence. Thank You for our lives and every breath. I am grateful.

    Hi Yeh Mitakyue Oyacin!
    Amen to All Our Relations!

  400. I am having migraines, extreme anxiety and negative people and emotions surrounding me. Please send me Reiki.

  401. Can you please send me healing on helping my digestion, migraines and stress, and dealing with fears both past and present. Thank you for sending light, thanks for even considering to do so, thanks for helping to make the world a more peaceful place.
    Chicago, IL

  402. Please send me reiki as I am at a crossroads in life. I want to send love and healing to all I can but I am burdened with the sadness of my own failures in life. I do not know where to turn or what to do next.

    Thank you for the blessings I am already receiving and may you receive them tenfold.


  403. Please send Reiki for healing for spiritual and physical chronic pain in my shoulder and knee from a injury. I also a huge block in my solar plexus and heart chakra needs help to un block.

  404. Hi,

    My name is Kristen- I am experiencing anxiety when it comes to my career. I am hoping to find the self confidence so I can lead a happier life. I also am experiencing a great deal of pain in my hips, legs and whole right side. I am finding it challenging to walk sometimes or do other physical activities. I hope the Reiki can relieve some of this physical pain and lead me to increased vitality and wellbeing.

    Thank you so much for the Reiki, so grateful!

    Blessings to all.

    Kristen M
    Toronto Ontario, CANADA

  405. Hello,
    my best friends mother (86) is on her long way to die. It is a terrible burden for Janny and her sister who care for their mother day and night at home.
    I sense her mother is afraid of death and her sins. She is a very material orientated woman who had only little time for love.
    I wish her mother would be able to feel the love of her grown kids and stop worrying about their financial future. I wish she could give into that love.
    I am a reiki master and I did my thing. But I think the mothers mistrust of me for never being married, prevents her for excepting my gift.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks Ina

  406. Please send Reiki for healing on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and for healing long term physical dis-ease, including extreme acid reflux, sleep issues, leg and foot pain and numbness, pain and muscle spasms in general and Fibromyalgia and all causes of the issues. Also, please send Reiki for healing all blocks to moving forward, clarity and bringing in the good that I know is available to me. Thanks so much! Namaste.

  407. Asking for the gift of distant Reiki for myself and my husband and daughters, in that I can become pregnant without difficulty and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Thank you so much.


  408. Sorry I didn’t put address which is Howell NJ

  409. I am currently going through chemo and radiation for lung cancer that lodged in the lymph nodes between the lungs (media stinum). I am going to a Reiki share tonight from 7 to 9 Eastern time. Seems there would be a lot of good energy going out tonight. Thanks for the invitation!

  410. For my mother Ellen D in Hatboro, PA USA for her health and arthritis and for my sister Jeanette D who is her full time caregiver that she can stay strong and keep her health as she is under a lot of stress.
    Many thanks!

  411. I am having a lot of trouble opening a huge energy block between my solar plexus and heart chakra, and can really use reiki healing to help undo this block.
    Vancouver BC, Canada

  412. heal gas, hernia, pancreas, diseases, sicknesses ppl i want to attract get i have nobody to take care of me
    free 30-60 min distant tonight
    7660 broadview rd
    apt 206-2
    parma, ohio 44134

  413. I’ve been feeling chronic fatigue in my legs.

  414. Healing for the relationship between my oldest daughter and me.

  415. please send Reiki to help end my self-sabotage and lack of motivation! If you can as well help boost my self esteem.
    thank you very much in advance!

  416. Greetings.. I request that my family be sent Reiki our house has been filled with such anger it is felt by anyone who visits and continuously manifests with hoarding.

    Brenda H 52, Gertrude H 79, Paul H 34, Rhiannon H 22, and Aryana H 1.

    Fulton, Il

  417. I am in need of some reiki due to a ear infection that has caused such awful ringing in both of my ears. I have been in a state of panic since the ringing stated. I have had trouble sleeping and lost my appetite. It’s hard to do daily activities. Please send some healing my way.

  418. Hello,
    Could you please send Reiki to me and my husband (James Broda) and cats. There is some spirit attacking me and giving me very bad nightmares. It also is making my cats sick and my cats won’t sleep next to me anymore. This is so stressful and I’d consuming all of my time. I wish I could have peace from this.

  419. Full name: Ghazal Nikinezhad,
    Location: Rasht, Gilan, Iran.

    I need Reiki Healing Energy for the severe pain in my waist, shoulders and neck resulted in by the Curve in my Spine.

    So many thanks and blessings.

  420. Hi my self ramesh I am suffering from lack of self confidence and communication problem which is effecting my personal and professional life please help me to over come this problem

    Name:-Ramesh karaddi





  421. Hi!

    April K
    Kelowna, BC

    I will be contributing to the Reiki healings but if you could send blessings to me I’d really appreciate it!

    I need support with trust, courage and embracing abundance – walking my path in faith and joy!

    Yes please to Relaxation Meditation :)

  422. Nicole H
    Vancouver, BC

    Recovering from surgery on back – tumor removed but now its painful on the site

    She is my sister,(April KIte)

    She had a tumor on back , it was successfully removed at first it was perfect! But now it seems to have scar tissue and has become painful. It is interferring with her meditation and has starting taking strong pain killers.

    Thank you for your blessings!

  423. Hi Alyssa; We will send Reiki and blessings.

  424. Hey my name is alyssa I’m 23 and I would love reiki sent my way. I love crystals and natural healing because of the way it makes me feel. Thanks so much for all that you do on your life path, God bless!

  425. Hello Dawn, many people find that Reiki is helpful for fibromyalgia. Blessings, Laurelle

  426. Hello
    Was told in a reading years ago to get into this type healing. Fibromyalgia for thirteen years now. No pain meds, want to go all natural. Thank you

  427. Please send strength and healing for extreme stress and the physical damage that it can cause.

  428. Hello Denise. We will send you Reiki for your highest good. Peace and blessings, Laurelle

  429. I need Reiki because I’ve been in the hospital more than 40 times in the past 3 years. in fact I’m in the hospital now and have been here 4 times in the past month. all due to a botched surgery gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago. I’m on IV tube feeding at home for the past five and a half months. I am a Reiki Master and William Lee Rand is my Reiki master teacher. I attributed Reiki to my being alive today. but I’m on so much medication that my wiki is very low right now. I need help in raising my vibration and any help I can get with this. Sending you much love and light and blessings. Thank you so so much!!!

  430. Heather

    We will send Reiki-Blessings

  431. Please send reiki to help me with life I think my chakras could be blocked I struggle with addiction to opiates! I’ve lost everything this time I need to have more positive thinking Everytime I think negative thoughts they manifest into my reality! I feel like my life is a failure and really need your assistance!
    Thank you

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