Laurelle Gaia, Author of The Book on Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World

Laurelle Gaia, Author of The Book on Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World

‘Why yourself’ is a question that reminds us to activate Reiki, and ask ourselves why we feel inspired in doing or saying something. This may help us learn more about our soul, or our deepest self.

Why Yourself, a Reiki inspired emotional healing session.

There are times that unexpected words, or emotions arise and we ask ourself “where that came from” because it seems un characteristic and we are surprised at the intense feeling that accompanies the words or actions. This, at times, may be experienced as intense anger, or sadness, or joy, or Peace.

In each situation, often, a repressed or forgotten trigger has been un intentionally, or even intentionally, activated. Sometimes it is simply a casual word, a song we hear, or some action that activates the trigger, that we are unaware of. This might lead to irrational arguments or misunderstandings.

Sometimes it may trigger uncomfortable feelings, but at other times the trigger may accompany positive feelings.

In such situations, we can focus on Reiki to bring peace, and help soothe us. There are times we may become aware of the trigger and at other times we may just become calmer, or happier and not know why.

A way to activate Reiki in such situations, is to activate the distance frequency, and intend to connect to the root cause of the feeling, even if the cause is unknown and simply ask “WHY .” Memories might surface, of a situation that relates to the trigger, or not. Even if we have no memory of what created the trigger, Reiki addresses it.

The very word, “why” was a trigger for both myself and my husband. Although it was the same word, the reasons that it activated intense feelings in both of us were different.

This comes forward for me, personally, when I receive in physical therapy. I might ask a therapist why I was being asked to do a specific exercise. I simply wondered how being able to do the exercise would strengthen me and help. Yet the therapists thought I was questioning their expertise. When some people feel their expertise is in question, they might feel defensive. So we had a few conferences to explain my reason for asking Why.

For my husband, it triggered a feeling of being blamed for another’s personal feelings when being asked why he made someone feel a certain feeling. This was when the awareness that one is responsible for their personal feeling was cloaked in their unawareness.

It is equally important to question our self, so we develop a deeper understanding of self, that is why the title of this is “Why Yourself”.

In the Light of the Creator…We See Only Love


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