Mariko Yamamoto

Mariko Yamamoto

Our mind is a great friend. It plans, organizes, gets us from A to Z, does everything possible to keep us safe and secure. But, it also rants and raves, compares, separates, judges, complains, controls and stirs. When you find that the noise levels may get a little too loud, it may be a signal to turn the volume down or even off and log back onto “esoulharmony” (a play name) to make a date with the Soul and court the Stillness within. How ironic that all of creation, movement, activity, sound and light have their very being in Stillness.

Honor and be with your True Beloved, your Soul. Conceived from the Divine, every Soul carries a Legacy. It is the Legacy of Love.

Is it possible to actually see, hear, know, feel and live this Legacy during the height of rush hour?

Sometimes it appears that our assignments are never ending: planning, achieving, phone calls, meetings, running errands, caring for family, the kids, the dogs, cleaning and the list goes on.

In truth, our one and only task is to BE.

To be with the fullness and depths of being.

To be with the infinite love which is life.

To be so fully with every breath, thought, action and interaction that the radiance of life bursts into flame, celebration and dance.

Crafting the Dance of Stillness

1. Make a Sacred Covenant with Your Soul – Renew your vows from this day forward to be with, honor, listen to, receive direction from, trust, care for and nourish your most cherished Companion, your Soul.

2. Illuminate Your Values-What do you most value?

On a sheet of paper, make two columns. At the top, write “Ego’s Values” and  “Soul’s Values.”

Write down your top 11 values in each category.

What is valued the most above all?


Under Ego’s Values, it may read, “Security, Safety, Time, Fame, etc.”

Under Soul’s Value’s, it may read, “Love, Freedom, Peace, Making a Difference, etc.”

It is important not to judge, but just to observe.

As we bring light to our values, it can be as a compass of making adjustments and conscious choices in our actions and interactions and the platform in which we choose to stand and operate from. Living our most sacred values can nurture an authentic life of joy, richness and fulfillment.

3. Breathe

The rhythm of each breath is directly connected with the tone and rhythm of our every thought, idea, emotion and music of the Soul.

During the day, pause.  Breathe. Allow yourself the gift of full inhalation and full exhalation. Breathe while standing in the line at the grocery store, sitting at the computer, preparing a meal. The air and space within us and around us is far from empty. It carries the precious mana and sacred nourishment of life.

As we consciously breathe fully, we allow for the natural flow and vital forces of life to move us and through us. We allow for the natural rhythms of giving and receiving, digesting and elimination, opening and creating healthy boundaries, expanding and coming back to center, we invite a soulful and rich life experience.

4. Meditate, dance, write, move, be in nature, paint, walk…

Be with whatever moves your Spirit and reflects the joy and livelihood of your Soul.

May your Soul ecstatically dance in the Supreme Stillness of the One…

Mariko, is a gifted feng shui consultant and a healer.

Infinite Possibilities Sessions
Shamanic Feng Shui
Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration


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Laurelle Shanti Gaia is internationally recognized for her ability to receive and translate information from the Divine heart and the angelic realms. She shares her gift in this healing journey through the aura into the heart and mind of the Divine. Laurelle’s gentle voice emanates peace and healing.

Laurelle is the founder of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc. and Peace Place the Reiki Center of Sedona. She has been a spiritual healer for 30 years.

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