I am writing this during my healing process. You see I am healing after a stroke that occurred a couple of years ago. I am relearning how to walk and to talk as a result from the paralysis I experienced. I recently set an intention to walk with a cane rather than a walker and ultimately walk on my own. To help me manifest this intention, I asked some of my Reiki friends to join the intention by supporting the intention with Reiki. I immediately started to have the thought that I walk ON Reiki.

This may seem like an abstract thought, but is it?

I am realizing that those of us who practice Reiki ARE ALWAYS walking on Reiki. By this I mean Reiki may be supporting and guiding us along our personal life path.

Our job is then to simply ALLOW that guidance to direct our life. When we reflect on our life we may understand more of how Reiki has been guiding our steps all along.

Sometimes we do that by simply following the clues, or thoughts we experience. Some call that a path of least resistance, I call it the path of clearest direction.

To me it feels vital that I explore even the seemingly most unimportant thoughts that I have, to see if they might be clues to my next step along the path. I wonder if they are steps that add up to guidance that is gradually unfolding. I think that before the stroke happened I may have thought guidance would be clear to me instantaneously. Now I feel guidance is an acknowledgment of patience, and guidance becomes clearer to us through time.

This healing process is encouraging me to practice patience. I don’t think that before the stroke I gave much thought to how important it can be to allow the energetic changes that are occurring in our being, to integrate before we create more change. After all, our being may be more complex than we realize. Perhaps patience applies to the unfolding of our path too.

Thinking back to walking, with or without the walker, I realize how I could become dependent on it, or I could depend on my own personal strength to walk. It is easy for me to depend on the walker, but I learn more when I depend on myself, with Reiki, to take the next step.

I learn more when I also allow all parts of myself, over time, to integrate the changes that are happening.

When I reflect on the thought that I first attended a Reiki class 30 years ago, I realize I have been walking on Reiki for a long time, I just was unaware. How is Reiki guiding YOUR steps along YOUR path?

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