FORGIVENESS Everyone has moments from their past during which they have experienced emotional hurt, physical pain, or perhaps even guilt or shame. We know that we are holding onto these issues when we find ourselves, becoming angry easily, or feeling sad or depressed for no apparent reason. Even when the hurt is emotional in nature, we might still feel very definite physical pain in our body. Often this pain expresses itself in our back or the area of kidneys, pancreas, or liver. The physical pain is caused by cellular memory of the past trauma.

It is possible to develop energetic “cords” to people from our past who hurt us, or whom we have hurt. Such cords are also created when we are emotionally connected to unpleasant situations. The most effective way to clear these cords is through forgiveness of oneself as well as others. Such cords deplete our energy, and if we are connected to another person, their energy is diminished as well. In order to regain our energy, complete forgiveness is so important.

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.” Bernard Meltzer

There is no better time than right NOW to allow yourself to completely forgive, release and let go of the past. It is through forgiveness that we are able to move forward into the future feeling light, free and ready to create a beautiful new way of being in the world.

I have recorded a journey designed to help you gently, yet deeply release, heal, and let past hurts and concerns simply melt away as you journey into the Spirit of Forgiveness. This journey is called Stairway to Forgiveness and is available as a CD or an instant download and it is available at if you wish to purchase it, OR as a gift to you, the entire script is listed below.

Script for Stairway to Forgiveness

Introduction and Prayer

This meditation will help you forgive yourself, or someone else for something that was said or done, which was less than loving. It is not necessary to recall all the details of the situation which requires forgiveness, only that you wish to replace any anger, hate, guilt or shame with love and compassion. During this process you will be surrounded by and infused with Reiki, the full power of Divine love and supported by the angels, guides and masters.

In a few moments, I will begin to guide you on a journey.  Please know that if you find yourself being called into a different vision or experience, follow it. What is important is the healing energy that will come through.  My voice will simply help to deliver the Reiki energy, which will facilitate the forgiveness process.

So first, take 3 slow, very deep breaths.  Now, bring your attention to your body as you breathe normally.  Know that when you inhale you draw in the light of Divine love, and as you exhale this light begins to move through your entire body.  With every inhale the light grows brighter, and with every exhale Divine love moves deeper and expands more and more.  The cells of your body are being infused with light.

Continue to move the light with your breath, and bring your attention to your physical body.  Be aware of how it feels. Do you feel relaxed, or are there areas of tension?  Now, briefly, bring to mind something that you, or someone else has said or done that has resulted in unhappiness, or pain. Just a brief thought is all you need. Details are unnecessary. Just a knowing that there is something to forgive is the focus.  As you hold this thought return your focus to your body.  Has there been a shift, do you feel tension or discomfort where you did not notice it before?  If so, just know that this will soon shift and be replaced with the light of Divine love.  So for right now, simply breathe more deeply, and move the light.  As we move on in this journey, remember, the deeper the breathing the deeper the healing.

“Creator, infinite spirit, mother/father God, we are here before you as instruments of peace and healing. We offer ourselves as servants of the light. We call upon only the highest and most holy guides, angels and masters to come forth and assist us. We are grateful for their love, wisdom and guidance, and we send them our love in gratitude in return. We ask and give thanks that any, fear, hate, anger, shame or guilt is replaced with love, peace, forgiveness, grace and compassion in this meditation.  Creator we give thanks, as we know that through Divine love, all healing is done. And So It Is.”

The Stairway to Forgiveness Journey Script

Now, simply think of the Reiki energy and remember, the deeper the breathing, the deeper the healing. Use your breath and move the light.

You begin to notice what feels like a warm, gentle breeze caressing you.  This is the energy of Divine love, and it is moving through your aura, cleansing, clearing, and creating a pathway for the light of forgiveness to flow.

The warmth of this breeze is soothing, and peaceful and you find yourself outside. It is a wonderful day. The sun is shining, there a few soft, white clouds in a beautiful blue sky. There is soft green grass all around, wild flowers, and you hear the birds softly singing in the trees off in the distance.  Everything is so very peaceful, when you suddenly hear a telephone ringing in the distance. You look in the direction of the sound and you see a stairway, on a hill, and you notice a little cottage at the top of the stairs. Somehow, you know that spirit is calling you.  Calling you up the staircase, to a higher way of feeling, thinking and being.  You are remembering that you have asked to forgive or be forgiven for something in your past.  If you notice any stress or tension building, remember too that you are surrounded or supported by your guides, angels, masters and the Reiki energy.  Archangel Michael has joined you, and you feel his strength, and power, and you feel so very safe. It as if you have become the full power of divine love.

You begin to climb the stairway, and with each step you encounter something or someone that is ready to receive forgiveness.  These first encounters represent very small things that happened in your life, but as their energy joins with you, together you continue to climb the stairs. With every step you are climbing higher, but the light is growing brighter, and even though you are now carrying all these requests for forgiveness with you, you are somehow feeling lighter.

You are now nearing the top of the stairs. Pause to remember that you are still being assisted by the guides, angels and masters, and you feel their love and support, and the light around you and the light that you are grows brighter still.

You have reached the top of the stairway, and you stand outside the doorway of what you once thought was a cottage. But now you recognize that it is a temple, the temple of forgiveness, and as you step inside the doorway you encounter a light that is bright, strong and clear, and at the same time soft and gentle. You are in the presence of the spirit of forgiveness.  You are in awe of this energy, yet very safe, and you feel a soul level knowing that you can now merge with this spirit, and that you are ready to release all that you have carried here, and become one with the spirit of forgiveness.

Merge into this light now, breathe it in. Let it permeate every atom and cell of your being as you remember, the deeper the breathing, the deeper the healing.

All the thoughts and issues that you carried into this temple of forgiveness are lifting from you one by one. They are dissolving, disappearing, and as each one lifts from you, you feel lighter.  If you encounter something that is more difficult to release, simply ask your guides or angels to move closer to you and help you.  Gather the strength and courage that they are offering you now, inhale deeply, and exhale with all your power…and simply let go.

As you release all these issues into the heart of the spirit of forgiveness, you are experiencing as sense of compassion and peace, which requires no understanding. You are recognizing the spirit of divine love that is at the center of the soul of every living being. Anger, hate, fear, shame and guilt are gone, and you are glowing with a love that is deeper than anything you have ever felt before.  You are experiencing grace, and you have become the light of peace. Anchor these new beautiful emotions into your body, as you use your breath and move the light.

Focus for a moment on your crown chakra, and notice how much light and clearer it feels, as you have released so many judgments and concerns.

Your brow feels balanced as you find it is becoming to see all things through the eyes of God.

Your throat is open to speak your truth without blame, and to express your creative self in the highest possible way.

Your heart is light and free to love in a truly unconditional way.

Your solar plexus, power center is fully aligned with Divine Will, as you recognize that the only true power is love.

Your spleen chakra is balanced and you feel free to be your true self.

Your root chakra is strong and clear and helping you be, in your body, in the moment and to always be grateful, peaceful and trusting in the process of life.

As you breathe yourself fully back, remind yourself
“IAM infinite light, IAM infinite love, IAM infinite peace, and so IAM”.


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.


Stairway to Forgiveness, a Healing Journey by Laurelle Gaia MP3 Download

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Laurelle's gentle voice guides you to release, heal, and let past hurts and concerns simply melt away as you journey into the Spirit of Forgiveness. FREE yourself to move forward in life today!

Laurelle Shanti Gaia is internationally recognized for her ability to receive and translate information from the divine heart, angelic realms, and divine temples. She shares her gift in this healing journey into the Temple of Forgiveness. Laurelle's golden, angelic voice emanates peace and healing.

Meditative, inspirational, informative, spiritual, and healing. Reiki practitioners love this CD.

CD length: 18:37.

music by Thaddeus

This is an Mp3 Instant Download

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