karen truhonAs an RN with over 23 years in traditional medicine, I experienced in 1992 an injury that resulted in 5 surgeries, multiple procedures, and insomnia & taking 15 medications. I was still in pain. Through Reiki & becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, I was healed. This opening to healing energies & relaxing theta brain waves guided me to open my own holistic healing practice.

A Theta brain wave is a relaxed state that is associated with hypnosis or a deep dream state. (Reiki-alpha wave) As a ThetaHealer and Instructor, in an awake theta state I connect to the Creator of All That Is to witness healing for myself & others. ThetaHealing techniques by Vianna Stibal allow you to access the subconscious limiting beliefs, remove them from your DNA strands & replace positive downloads of feelings & beliefs from Source.dna

ThetaHealing allows you with muscle testing to identify the exact core, genetic, soul and/or history belief that is holding you back from experiencing joy, health, love relationships, prosperity & balance. I have seen & experienced remarkable healings for cancer, GI disturbances, pain, etc. for myself & others.

A relative who is a breast cancer survivor no realizes thru ThetaHealing that she is important & matters in this world in every cell of her body. ThetaHealing has enhanced my life, Reiki, my family, friends and clients. Create your happiness now.

If you are interested in learning more about ThetaHealing www.thetahealing.com or becoming a practitioner, contact Karen Truhon  954-478-6749 or healingkaren@gmail.com.

To register for workshop in Sedona at Crystal Enlightenment Center to become a Certified ThetaHealer contact 928-204-2444. Create your happiness now!

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