UPCOMING Special EventsWe have added 30 new classes to our 2011 class schedule.

ARTICLES in this issue

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March, April & May Classes

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Reiki I & II

Mar 12-13 2011 | Reiki I & II – ONLY 2 spaces left! , Sedona
Apr 2-3 2011 | Reiki I & II , Sedona
Apr 23-24 2011 | Reiki I & II , Sedona
May 14-15 2011 | Reiki I & II , Sedona

Advanced – ART & Master Reiki

Apr 15-17 2011 | ART/Master-SPECIAL Full Moon Class , Sedona

Karuna Reiki Master

Mar 18-20 2011 | Karuna Reiki Master SPECIAL full moon spring equinox class – Only 2 spaces left!, Sedona
May 6-8 2011 | Karuna Reiki Master , Sedona

Reiki Drumming

Mar 14-15 2011 | Reiki Drumming Class – ONLY 3 spaces left!, Sedona
Apr 9-10 2011 | Reiki Drumming Class, Sedona
May 16-17 2011 | Reiki Drumming Class – Full Moon in May, Sedona

Reiki Crystal Healing I

Apr 4-5 2011 | Crystal Healing Level I, Sedona
May 20-21 2011 | Crystal Healing Level I, Sedona

Reiki Crystal Healing Intermediate Level w/ Vogel Wands

May 23-24 2011 | Crystal Healing Intermediate Level, Sedona

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Reiki Whispers Infinite Light Healing Studies Center LLC Holy Fire Reiki Classes in Sedona AZ with Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird


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