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I have been an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and Master Instructor for the past 5 years and 3 years respectively. Prior to my draw to train in IET, I had decided to get Reiki attuned to the Master Level. I thought these attunements would really open me up energetically to being the best IET practitioner possible. I am not totally clear on what actually drew me to IET in the first place. It felt like a clear inner knowingness. Let’s just call it intuition and a deep resonance that this was mine to do.

Initially, I took the Integrated Energy Therapy basic level as an experiment and also for a tool to heal myself and family or genetic line. I had, for at least the previous 15 years, felt that my mission was as a transmuter of the genetic abuse of women encompassing both the inner and the outer worlds, as much of the torture of humanity resides within its own inner states of consciousness.

IET seemed like it was the ideal for me as it focuses on all layers of the person—physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual. So I somewhat reluctantly wandered off to the class and took the basic level. The basic level intrigued me enough to warrant a bit more knowledge and so I took the intermediate level the following day.

Each level in Integrated Energy Therapy has an attunement which optimizes one or more pairs of the Spiritual DNA. This DNA information was brought onto this planet through Stevan Thayer by Angel Ariel who is the overseer of IET.  Feeling I would really like to receive all the attunements, I returned to take the advanced level course approximately three months later. It was a phenomenal course relating to bringing our soul’s mission onto planet Earth with ease, grace and joy. I personally enjoyed all the techniques I learned for enhancing and enlivening the connection to our soul’s mission. Once complete with that training I proceeded to use it for self healings and distant healings of family before venturing out into client healing.

Only Angels Ariel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and the other 5 angels of the healing ray knew that I was destined to go onto the next level of training called the Master Instructor level. At this level a person is certified to teach others to become IET practitioners. When I took this MI level in Minnesota in the summer of 2007, I initially signed on for the class so I could receive the final DNA attunement of the 6th pair of Spiritual DNA. I enjoyed learning how to administer the attunements as well, but it never crossed my mind that I would one day become an IET instructor.

In April of 2008, I repeated the Master Instructor level in Sedona and began my career as an IET Practitioner Instructor. While on the road, I taught my first IET training in Minnesota in August of 2008 and loved it instantly. I am amazed that I am pursuing this career and also blessed and grateful that I listened to my inner voice or the inner messages coming from the angels. This has lead me to becoming an angel channel and giving heartfelt uplifting messages through readings to so many wonderful people. I do indeed feel blessed and grateful for this work. Now as we enter 2011, I have set out a full schedule of teaching. “I am here Ariel and I am ready to show up, look good and be willing,” as a teacher years past had so graciously imparted this wisdom to me. She also said that all we need to do is step out of the way as the Divine will lead. I have come up with a few of my own phrases since such as, “IET is a method of release that creates the opportunity to let go of that which we are not becoming the truth of who we really are.”

This leads to my latest Reiki experience and hence the true reason for this sharing. I became Reiki certified when I received the attunements five years ago, but had not used it. This past December, 2010, I attended a Reiki I and II class with Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird at the Peace Place in Sedona. I was open, willing, and gratefully showed up for what turned out to be a phenomenal experience. It was not anything in particular that happened or that was said, it was the energy. The energy of knowingness from the heart center, commitment to the Reiki healing energy and unconditional love which emanated from every story Laurelle related of how Reiki had healed or changed her life or persons in her life. I was touched and inspired to really open up to Reiki and experiment with how it could complement IET. I actually learned the symbols easily. I believe this happened, because I was ready and because of the techniques of teaching that came through these instructors.

Since these Reiki classes, I realize Reiki was always with me, and now I have the tools of the symbols to enhance my IET practice. I use the CKR Rei and the SHK whenever I feel an intuitive draw to use them. I use CKR to really focus and increase the energies of an IET session. I use SHK when I feel the energy calling for release from the emotional body. SHK creates an enhanced emotional power to an IET release. I use HZN to go backwards and forwards in time. I can really feel the past life and genetic line clearings backwards and forwards when either drawing or saying HZN silently in my mind.

Another gift, which I realized while giving a practice session to a fellow student during class, is called Gyoshi-ho. It translates into “healing with the eyes.” Now, as I focus my IET intent into each of the nine cellular memory areas anticipating a release, I concentrate the light streaming from my eyes into the client with the intent of healing through love. I simply allow the eyes to wonder and focus randomly wherever my gaze falls without thought as to what is transpiring or how. Using the gaze of unconditional love, I allow the light streaming from my eyes to create the healing. It is an amazingly uplifting and extremely powerful experience.

One other suggestion, which I truly appreciated and took to heart, from my instructors, was to establish a personal relationship with the symbols. I feel the power most intently from the drawing or mentally saying   HZN. It brings in the energy of total and complete Divine Love and amps up the space to allow myself and my clients to experience the ultimate in what I have to offer as a healer and lover of humanity.

Thank you to “All That Is” for the blessed experiences of healing myself, others and particularly my genetic line backwards and forwards. We are blessed through the reception of the healing energies in all ways in which they come through the human vehicle. I now know that we can effect change and healing of all our human miscreations.

Bonny Kraus, IET Master Instructor and Reiki Master

Bonny offers healing sessions through Peace Place-The Reiki Center of Sedona 928-203-7755 and The Sedona Healing Vortex 928-282-5701

Register for her classes by calling her at 928-300-0359

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