by Mariko Yamamoto

Your Holy Grail

Like the quest for the Holy Grail, what appears to be one of the most universally sought after treasures is “life purpose.” Often, the perceived reward for the finding of this extraordinary jewel is, “Once I know my purpose, the seas will part, the direct path will light up and then I will live my life with passion.”I am Grail

But what is truly at the heart of the seeking of one’s purpose?

Is it ultimately to elicit connections, the flow of relationship, love and the expression of this love? Perhaps we have it backwards. Perhaps, instead of needing to know and realize our purpose first, then feeling that out of this, all of life will magnificently flow…perhaps it is simply in making conscious connections FIRST that the indigenous nature of sacred purpose brilliantly shines forth, like the radiance of the inner sun streaming out of the center of a blossoming flower.

Light, spirit and life force is in everything…whether animated or seemingly “non-living,” whether being expressed in the form of a human being, pet, flower, star, rock, idea, concept, belief, feeling, etc. and each and every time an association, connection or union is made, energy is sanctified, magnified, released, transmuted, transformed and sacred purpose is revealed.

For instance, in the Infinite Possibilities Sessions, whether I am in the presence of a person, animal, tree, landscape or home, what has revealed itself over and over again to be one of the keys to divine magic and transformation is the infinite grace of connection and honoring the divinity and light within and within the sacred presence of the being I am with.

I do not enter a session with a preconceived idea or notion of what needs to occur or what is best for this being or the intent of creating this or that or even having to figure anything out.

In the heart of sacred connection and so often in play, fun and cosmic belly laughter, the spirit of purpose magically reveals its unique and divine gifts. Angels may appear with a message, colors carrying a specific frequency may facilitate sacred alchemy, that which would make a difference in heart and meaning shows up or the energies which wish to be anchored energetically or physically for optimal harmony and balance reveal themselves. What makes life so exciting, wondrous and such a thrilling adventure are the unlimited discoveries and potentials which can be witnessed and received in every moment.

In our society, “more” (more things, more effort, more knowledge, acting

with more purpose, etc.) is often considered “better.”

Is this true? How can we measure what it would take for a miracle to occur?

Is it a milligram? A drop? 3 yards? 17 tons? 8 galaxies?

Is the quality of experience quantifiable?

Perhaps the simplicity of opening into infinity of the heart for a mere microsecond is the very potency that sends quantum waves throughout the entire ocean of a lifetime (including past, present and future) all at once.

Trust in the communion with Siprit and the Spirit within all things to reveal

sacred purpose, life’s deepest secrets and most cherished treasures.

Trust in the purity and receptivity of your heart to embrace them

in freedom and take flight.

It could just be that a sincere “Namaste” (“The spirit of love within me honors the spirit of love within you”) or a bow with respect to another

is the sacred fulfillment of divine purpose in the eternal moment.


Mariko, is a gifted feng shui consultant and a healer. She is available for private sessions. Click the appointment link at the top of any page on this site and book online or call us at Peace Place, 928-203-7755 or 928-204-1216.

Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration

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