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Manifesting with Reiki Whispers

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

In this issue, I find myself reflecting on the title of this ongoing article series “Reiki Whispers”.  Over the years I  have come to know Reiki to be the conduit through which dreams and visions flow and inspiration is birthed. Reiki illumines the spark of God that resides within each of us. When that light is awakening and opening we resonate more easily with the gentle guidance, the “whispers” that are offered to us in every moment.

These articles are normally about Reiki tips and techniques. However, Reiki has been whispering and nudging me to share examples of how our listening and acting upon the whispers have manifested in our life this past year.

Sometimes the whispers are loud and clear, and sometimes they are soft, gentle, sounds carried on the breeze, or visual impressions in reflections of light. Other times they come to us in our dreamtime.

2010 has been a year of whispered surprises for Michael and me. Only recently did we realize that the “milestones” that have unfolded, and continue to reveal themselves to us, are answers to our daily prayer.

We have found ourselves in what seems to be a continuous stream of “calling”.  We had never specifically set an intention to have the responsibility for a second healing center in Sedona, let alone a third. However, our daily prayer to our creator is that we be guided, blessed and healed, so that we are of greatest service to God, to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Each of the things listed below, which represents 2010 manifestations, resulted from  praying for guidance, listening to the whispers, and discerning which steps felt true to us. Reiki has taught me the importance of always asking for guidance to be of service to the all.  In doing so, we are served as well.  Each vision, message and action were addressed with Reiki, and the manifestations always exceeded our original vision.

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In December of 2006, we opened Peace Place, the Reiki Center of Sedona in Uptown.  In August of 2010 we were asked to help the Sedona Healing Vortex keep their doors open and after much prayer and reflection we answered this call.  In doing so, our family of practitioners has grown to encompass, more Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, gifted spiritual counselors, IET practitioners, as well as the ability to offer spiritual tours of the sacred sites in Sedona as a new service.

In November we heard another call, and that was to open another location at a beautiful creekside location across from Tlaquepaque…and again after prayer and reflection…we are answering this call too. On January 1, of 2011, we begin remodeling of the new location, with a prayer to open by the third or fourth week of January. (Reiki please?!!)

I personally am simply flowing with this process. We never know where or how the financial resources, or the healing staff will manifest. I am simply trusting the “calling” and praying that each of these new steps we are taking are fully supported by our heavenly helpers, and the true power of the Universe.

Some of our 2010 milestones

  1. One major milestone for us in 2010 is nearing completion of the permanent financing of the Peace Place Uptown location. We have received bank and SBA approval, during these times that often prove challenging for commercial mortgages, and we are only awaiting the appraisal.  By “going with the flow” and trusting the process, the price of the property was reduced by 20%, and the interest rate dropped. We offer immense gratitude to all of you who have sent Reiki for the highest good for this project.
  2. Another is the gathering of an extremely productive, loving, Reiki centered staff. One thing I have learned over the years of working with the International Center for Reiki Training and observing its growth, is that the vibration is always increasing. This happens  when we focus on integrity and service, and we come from a pure heart. The staff in place at any given time holds the precise frequency needed in that moment. Then as we all learn, grow and heal change becomes necessary. This can bring about moments of discomfort, but with the help of Reiki we have seen the service which is flowing from Peace Place, and the Sedona Healing Vortex grow dramatically as shift is happening.
  3. I am so grateful to Lisa, Billie Jean, Joe, Pat, Steven, Carla, Mariko, Astara, John and Yahaira for helping to ground these new energies, and working with true integrity. Each of you are an incredible blessing to Peace Place. And all the practitioners at SHV; Valerie, Dana, Jewels, Joy, Bonny, Carl, Debbie, Susie, and Michael are holding the light beautifully as well, thank you!

  4. In November, we received our AHNA approval as providers for contact hours for nurses for our Reiki Drumming, and Reiki Crystal Healing – Level One classes. (Reiki Crystal Healing Level I – 12 contact hours -Approval Code 641 exp: Nov. 4, 2012 – Reiki Drumming Practitioner – 15 contact hours – Approval Code 738 exp: Nov. 3 , 2012) This process reminded me how important applying Reiki and maintaining a loving attitude toward our administrative tasks is.  ;)
  5. And then Reiki was instrumental in finding the new  magnificent location for the 16th Annual International Reiki Retreat! WOW… what fun we will have!
  6. With all these other things happening…Reiki whispered…hmmm …..shouted…”revise and launch the new Be Peace Now – Online course for Peaceweaver’s website. NOW is the time!” With the help of Reiki, the time to do so magically appeared.

Things are manifesting so quickly now, and people are thirsting for healing and spiritual growth.  We are each being called to manifest our Divine purpose, by sharing our personal path of service with the world.  I hope sharing our personal process this year will inspire you to listen to your own Reiki whispers.

I want to thank each of our students, clients, customers and subscribers for your contribution to the Sedona Healing Vortex, Peace Place and the Infinite Light that we are all anchoring on the planet. By joining our classes, visiting our stores, receiving healing through us, and our practitioners, and sharing your healing gifts with us; you are helping to expand the light in ways we never imagined. Service is our reason for BEing.

My wish for all beings in the coming year(s) is that we are guided by Divine Love, receptive to this guidance and that we each welcome and claim the blessings that the Universe offers to us.  It is my wish that all beings experience, peace, love, joy, wellness, prosperity and the bliss of BEingness.

IAM Infinite Light, IAM Infinite Love, IAM Infinite Peace

and SO IAM



Laurelle and Michael’s January/February classes and events:

Reiki I & II

Jan 15-16 2011 | Reiki I & II – Only 2 spaces left!, Sedona
Feb 5-6 2011 | Reiki I & II – ONLY 4 spaces left!, Sedona

ART/Master Teacher

Jan 7-9 2011 | ART/Master- Only 2 spaces left!, Sedona
Feb 11-13 2011 | ART/Master-Only 3 spaces left!, Sedona

Karuna Reiki Master

Jan 29-31 2011 | Karuna Reiki Master Class is FULL!, Sedona
Mar 18-20 2011 | Karuna Reiki Master SPECIAL full moon spring equinox class – Only 4 spaces left!, Sedona

Reiki Master Emergence

Feb 20-26 2011 | Reiki Master Emergence – Only 3 spaces left!, Sedona, AZ 86336

Reiki Drumming Practitioner

Jan 19-20 2011 | Reiki Drumming -Only 2 spaces left!, Sedona
Feb 9-10 2011 | Reiki Drumming Class – ONLY 4 spaces left!, Sedona

Reiki Crystal Healing Level One – now offering contact hours for nurses

Feb 7-8 2011 | Crystal Healing Level I – Only 4 spaces left, Sedona

Guest Instructor

Jan 22-23 2011 | Healing the Shadow with Angels , Sedona, AZ 86336

Reiki Whispers Infinite Light Healing Studies Center LLC Holy Fire Reiki Classes in Sedona AZ with Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird


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