by Yahaira Volpe

Happy New Year!

The numerical value for 2011 is the number 4 which means we will build a new foundation. Building a solid foundation based upon good values. This year we will do well to stay organized, working persistently, patiently, honestly and with courage then we will see the material outcome of our actions under the number vibration of the 4. Dependability, discipline and harmony are in store for the practical worker this year.2011 sm

We are in the winter season while the Sun transits through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. The longest night in the northern hemisphere encourages us to look within and find that inner light that always illuminates our true goals. Capricorn is a goal orientated sign; they are always planning ahead which makes them calculating or scheming depending on their level of spirituality. Most Capricorn Sun signs are hard working ambitious leaders. They like to carve out their own area of expertise and will wait a long time to achieve their cherished desires. Saturn the ruler of this sign pressures them to overcome their fears and gain the prize which is to pass through the gates of limitation or fear and come into the Light. Capricorns are reliable, hard workers, practical and persistent folks with a dry sense of humor. They are very intuitive and can if focused may learn things from the other dimensions. They do better when they keep their plans to themselves and focused on their own goals. They must learn to work quietly and studiously at their own gifts. As Saturn their ruler will always mete out tests of humility should they stray from their own course.  However, in time they learn their discipline and life gets easier for them. They look old when young and young when old seemingly not aging with time.

The first week of January 2011 will begin with a bang! A new lunar cycle starts the year with a Solar Eclipse ushering in ambitious plans. Solar eclipses usually start new patterns of expression. This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn charges that house in your natal horoscope so the affairs of this house get charged up with changes for a good 6 month period. Also, we are shaking out of the Mercury Retrograde period. Mercury in the adventurous fire sign Sagittarius moves forward as we embark upon new desires to claim as our own. It usually takes a week after the retrograde to realign our energies and redirect our activities. If things got really confused or complicated during the Mercury retrograde which occurred throughout December, you get to straighten things out this first week in January. So untangle the mess and get back onto a clear path.

This week will be positively charged as the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn energizes this week with action orientated ideas. This energy will affect Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Sun signs to take charge, initiate a new plan of action and seize the moment and take some risks that enliven your life. What is the point of living if you are not having any fun! Take charge and trust taking that leap of faith.

Jupiter and Uranus are ending their trek through the water sign Pisces lending that needed faith and inspiration to move into new venues of expression. Bigger changes will commence in the spring of 2011 as Jupiter and Uranus both shift into the fire sign Aries and square Pluto now transiting through Capricorn. New structures emerge out of a new belief system as Pluto shakes loose the old order.

Saturn the great teacher of limitation will go retrograde on January 26 for a 5 month period until June 13th. This retrograde Saturn station, in the justice seeking air sign Libra, will provide us with a period of time by which we can make decisions by balancing what is just and right. Whatever the course may be for you personally, this is a time to follow the dictates that Saturn indicates for that course of time because it will most likely be the bitter medicine that heals or balances out your life. During this winter and spring we are likely to focus on achieving those particular career goals and come out feeling served by those plans and decisions at the end of this Saturn retrograde.

The Lunar Cycles

The First Quarter Moon occurs Jan. 12th in the fire sign Aries. Aries energy likes to take the initiative and start off on a new project.

The Full Moon occurs January 19th in the emotional water sign Cancer. This is the epitome of the lunar cycle now is the time to evaluate how things are growing or not and to make adjustments. The Full Moon is a great for time meditation and cleansing out the old past emotional patterns from the subconscious.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs January 26th in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. A quiet time to evaluate feelings and motivations and to plan the direction to head in for the next 5 months as Saturn the ruler of time and discipline will go retrograde until June 13th.

Take advantage of the winter to really delve inwards and find out what you really want to express that is a new you this coming spring when the forces open up and all life bursts open again. And as always, the Stars can incline us but we have freewill to take advantage of the celestial cycles.

Love and Light


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