by Mariko Yamamoto

The Dark Light of the Soul

eternal river

Alchemy is the transformation from one element to another…this can be of the material elements such as the turning of “base metals into gold,” water into ice, sunlight into leaves, cells into organs. This can also be the transmutation of human qualities into finer aspects of spirit…fear transformed into love, suffering into compassion, an image of unworthiness to an image of being valued. Every moment carries the seed of potential transformation. And where does the alchemical spark of the seed ignite?

The seed ignites in the “dark light” of creation, the feminine aspect of consciousness, the great primordial mother of trust, receptivity and allowing.

The womb of Gaia bears the fragrant seed of the rose.

The womb of woman gives birth to the miracle of a newborn.

The womb of dark matter within the universe births infinite stars, planets and galaxies.

This womb is the space where all things are held in potential before manifesting into form.Within this dark light are all of the secret combinations which unlock the perfect conditions to facilitate the divine pattern within every seed’s emergence.

Whether we are female or male, each of us carries this primordial womb,this sacred chalice where the fullness of life is sparked and the infinite spiral of life dances.

When desiring to create or manifest, many are inclined to seek, search and grasp for what is already “lit up” or known

in the outer visible realm. It is possible to create from this place, but often times the most extraordinary can occur in pausing first and diving deep, deep, deep into the dark, beneath the surface, where everything that is seen or can ever be seen has its roots…within the unseen.

Establishing a sacred relationship with the depths of this reservoir can be life transforming. At first it may seem like a place of the dark abyss which can seem frightening or uncomfortable, which is okay to feel. But if what is visible makes up only .001% of the universe, that surely leaves a lot of room for exploring and discovery!

Why not put on the magic goggles of innocent perception, curiosity and wonderment and take a splash into this wellspring that lives both within time and space and is beyond time and space? Making friends with the dark light of cosmic potential is a two way relationship. As you trust the undivided waters of great mystery, this eternal companion gives Her unconditional trust to you.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” Arthur C. Clarke 1972

Being with the Dark Light

The following may appear to be a simple breathing exercise, but in truth, carries the circuitry of life fulfilling potential.

When practiced with awareness, it can act as a portal for deep renewal, regeneration, receptivity and rebirth.

As life can be seen as a hologram, the effects can ripple not only through every are of your life, but throughout the crystal grid of the planet. It is a wonderful practice prior to meditation or a shamanic journey.

1. Inhale to count of 7. (In inhalation, feel yourself emerging from the dark light.)

2. Pause for count of 7. (In the pause is the “stillpoint,” the field of all possibility, the space between birth and death.

Be with the emptiness and the fullness at the same time.)

3. Exhale to count of 7. (In exhalation, feel yourself returning to the dark light.)

4. Pause for count of 7. (In the pause is the “stillpoint,” the field of all possibility, the space between birth and death.

Be with the emptiness and the fullness at the same time.)

Do 7 full rounds.

rainbow butterfly burstYou are the infinite timeless space.

You are the sacred seed, the God seed, who is the carrier of the Divine Blueprint.

You are the sacred spark which ignites the life of the seed.

You are the sound, the light, the frequencies that nourish and sustain the seed.

You are the Perfected Essence which is cradled in the full embrace of being and becoming.

May the dark light within you and around you birth the highest potential of your dreams…

May you dive deep into the sanctuary of your heart and surf the joyful waters of your soul.

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