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The fall season has started now that the transiting Sun is moving through the air sign Libra.  This energy is action orientated and assertive. We want to get out and enjoy the cooling breezes and changing floral colors.  Now is the time to push forward with those plans or projects that were analyzed and fussed over while the Sun was in Virgo.

mosaic representing the 12 zodiac signs, figured on a church in Corsica

mosaic representing the 12 zodiac signs, figured on a church in Corsica

Libra adds a more communicative and graceful intelligence to our interactions. Libra Sun enjoys relating to others focusing on teamwork. Librans like harmony and balance in their expression sometimes fearing discord if others do not see things their way. They can be indecisive wanting to make sure that both sides agree on every issue. They truly value other’s points of view so they don’t hold a definite opinion of their own which make them indecisive. They can be easygoing, diplomatic, idealistic and romantic.

You can usually spot out a Libra by the graceful, flirtatious and frivolous qualities at any gathering. Decorating and designing are natural talents for Librans. Others are more assertive like advocates striving to find good causes to fight for justice and balance. The first part of the month the tone may seem more serious and studious as the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Libra. This is a good time to get work done and make plans for launching new enterprises; remember the theme here is what needs to be put into harmony and balance in your life? Is it the health, the life purpose, the relationships or a combination of all these areas. In particular, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra Sun signs are urged to delve deeper regarding their commitments primarily regarding the purpose in life.

The theme of justice and balance is one that we are all subject to right now as the planets Mercury and Saturn transit through Libra. Now that Mercury is moving in direct motion we get to put things back into balance and harmony; those things that got away from our control as Mercury was mischievously a foot last month. Mercury and Saturn together bring forth and energy for more serious decisions strengthening our ability to make exacting plans and that are structurally sound. This aspect lends discipline for mental concentration. We can focus and block out any extraneous thoughts and get things done during the first part of the month.

Venus will go retrograde Oct. 8th until Nov. 19th. When planets go retrograde it strengthens their energy and focus. Venus rules relationships and in Scorpio we are likely to feel dramatic in our expressions of love, beauty and values. Mars is also transiting through its own sign of Scorpio with both planets transiting together we have fireworks happening in relationships of all kinds. The receptive quality of Venus blends with the aggressive sexual drives of Mars. Expect to see new alliances forming during this time.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth and Uranus the planet that ignites our will towards changes are still moving through the water sign Pisces ushering new feelings for spiritual evolvement. We continue to address our inspirations and test them out once these two planets move direct later this year. Neptune transiting through Aquarius also retrograding promotes our spiritual enlightenment helps attune us towards the subtle realms. People are more likely now then ever to be naturally displaying telepathic abilities and greater imagination. We will continue to see new medical breakthroughs as we move into the more intuitive forms of energy healing bridging the soul, mind body connections.

This is such a profound time for new advances and discoveries of the more dimensional aspects of our being which explains why energy work can bring about lasting healing. Through our imagination we can attune to the energy of the earth and our galactic interconnections. Our awareness increases as we feel we are all one in this galaxy. We are one interconnected being. This reality will be clearer regarding our evolution as we move towards this time of balancing the inner with the outer by opening up to the subtle realms and re-aligning ourselves with the planetary thrust forward. Neptune turns direct in November.

The Lunar cycles for October

The New Moon occurs Oct. 7th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This Sun and Moon conjunction brings in the clarity and focus to start up projects. Plans are likely to be more definite this first week of October.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 14th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This energy brings in the analysis of Capricorn to any enterprising venture. This is the time for work and duty so focus on what you want with determination.

The Full Moon occurs Oct. 22nd in the pioneering fire sign Aries.

While the Sun transits through Libra its complementary sign is Aries.

The themes of the self verses the group is highlighted during this full moon.

On this Full Moon, we are likely to get a real sense of who we are as individuals with all of our uniqueness and gauge that with how we blend with others (Libra).

The Last Quarter Moon brings the month to a close as the Moon transits through Leo. This fun loving fire sign will usher in the fall festivities with enthusiasm and creativity. Leo likes the demonstrative and dramatic so if you are in the mood this Halloween weekend dress up and have some fun.

And as always, the stars incline but we use our free will to determine the outcomes.

Peace and Blessings


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