Yahaira126By Yahaira Volpe

The Sun is now traveling through the fire sign Leo where the Sun is exalted.

We are at the peak of summer season which will end in mid September.

The days are hot and the evening hours increase slightly extending the moonlight hours as we move towards the winter solstice in December.

Leo represents the enthusiasm and pride of the inner soul. This fire sign ruled by the Sun is focused on increasing self worth through will power and self determination. Leo Sun signs are creative, graceful, dignified, proud, determined and dramatic. They like to be leaders and find themselves managing others or their projects. The key word for Leo is “I Will”.  They like to shower their love towards others through their generosity. Leos have a big heart but they can easily be wounded in their pride. Happy Birthday Leo!anc026

While the Sun travels through Leo we can get in touch with those yearnings to exert our individuality and our capacity for leadership but remember to have fun and accept the order of things.  We can find avenues of expression for our individuality while we assess our position within the collective consciousness as represented by Aquarius the polarity of Leo. This solar energy can motivate our creativity for our interests.

The first 2 weeks of August will be a challenging as the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn in Libra opposed by Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and squared by Pluto in Capricorn set up an alignment of tension.  This alignment of planets will create the energy to take action on breaking free from imposed limitations as we assess our expanding values and desires. We will want to take action and make decisions as we feel the pressures mounting to do so. New paradigms are emerging in the collective conscious and the desire to break free from restrictions is growing. Change is inevitable as structures break down and we have the opportunity to evolve new ones. Leadership will emerge out of the chaos as crisis continues to mount with regards to the old ways of doing things. This is a time to take a stand and bring healing to self and others by tuning in with your inner guidance that supports decisions with loving guidance and wisdom.  Libra represents balance and harmony Aries represents the raw initiative that sparks things up and Capricorn represents the re-organization of the energy put into form. The call to bring justice and balance comes ringing in this late summer

Mercury will turn retrograde August 21rst where it will move through the analytical earth sign Virgo which it rules. This strengthens the energies for research and analysis. Retrograde Mercury periods involve us in a process of meticulously working through older projects and plans. This can be a useful time as creative processes do well under the retrograde. Contracts and important decisions are best left to be worked on after the retrograde simply because communications can be strained during this time and often things are not what they seem to be.  We can expect delays, schedule changes and computers problems. Also machinery does break down if they are in need of repair. Mercury turns direct September 13th.

Lunar Phases for August

We start the month with the Last Quarter Moon in the practical earth sign Taurus. This is a good time to evaluate and appreciate the security we derive from our possessions as security and status are Taurus qualities.

The New Moon occurs August 9th in the fire sign Leo. New beginnings are in order. This moon stirs up ambition, independence and leadership. We may feel extravagant and optimistic however a conflicting influence colors the day’s energies stemming from an opposition between Venus and Jupiter late in the evening. We may reach for the goals but find it hard to settle on which values are important.

First Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 16th in the mysterious water sign Scorpio.

This is a good time to delve inwards and re-assess ones goals and ambitions.

Scorpio is a sign that favors emotional intensity and transformation.

Later in the day, we are forced to take a hard view of things as Jupiter the planet of expansion opposes Saturn the bringer of limitation. We will want to balance the opposites of freedom verses conservatism.

The Full Moon occurs Aug. 24th in the imaginative water sign Pisces. This moon inclines us towards having stronger psychic impressions and heightens our imagination. We may feel more passive as we want to tune in and tap into the more spiritual dimensions of our experience. A great day to meditate, cleanse and process the multitude of impressions. Creative projects do well under this lunar influence.

And remember that the stars incline us towards our own free will decisions.

Happy August

In Love and Light


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