mariko_smBy Mariko Yamamoto

22 Tips for Honoring Your Sacred Temple

Throughout millennium, there has been a stigma of the body “flesh” being something other than spiritual. Even today, many have denied and suppressed their body or even the idea of having a body and treat it accordingly. There has also been the view of the body as a “personal possession,” separate from the rest of the world.

But in stepping back from a personal view into cosmic awareness, our bodies can be seen as part of the Great Universal Matrix and Gaia herself.

Our body is a network of light that allows us to participate in the dance of the cosmos.83479272

The very ebb and flow of the tides that run through our bodies are the impulses of intelligence that commune with the intelligence in the heavens and the earth.

Each of our bodies is a miraculous gift from Creator, a divine expression of infinite consciousness and creativity.

For whatever time we have on the planet, not only is our body one of our closest companions upon our spiritual journey, this is our sacred abode for now.

Why not treat this wondrous and gracious gift with utmost respect, honor and loving kindness?

In seeking exploration and a variety of experiences, humanity has often searched for portals in the outer world, perhaps in “power spots,” ancient sites, majestic mountains peaks, outer spaces.

But within instantaneous reach, we have one of the greatest frontiers of magic and mystery, our body portal.

Within our DNA is the entire story of the Universe, the Great Mother and Great Cosmos. Every cell is a living hologram of the Universe and carries infinite power and potential to communicate to every other cell in our Universe including the cells within other human beings, animals, plants, the waters, the stars.

The Voice of Spirit and All Loving Intelligence speaks to us through the boundless cosmic wisdom within every cell.

What an amazing messenger and inner/inter dimensional communications system!

Listen deeply and fully with your whole body. Trust what these informational fields have to say! Each of our bodies is born with a natural built in “homing device” for aligning with the Laws of Nature and the Universe.

This homing device often is sourced through sensations. These messages can come as a whisper or a roar. They can come as an “inkling” or gigantic splash.

They can come as a sense of discomfort or joy, pain or ease, suppression or inspiration. These indicators often shine the light upon whether we are “out of flow” or “in the flow” with the Universe. When we are in harmony with the rhythms of Nature and the Universe, the state of every cell directly contributes to the state of well beingand is often experienced as “flow” and the state of grace.

22 Tips for Honoring Your Sacred Temple and Keeping the Channels Clear and Open

  1. Drink Fresh Clean Water Throughout the Day
  2. Eat Plenty of Fresh Green Living Foods and Water Based Foods, (Organic When Possible)
  3. Use Chemical Free Skin Care and Household Products
  4. Clear Toxins From Your Environment
  5. Allow Fresh Air to Circulate Throughout Your Space
  6. Breathe Fully and Deeply
  7. Receive Natural Sunshine
  8. Connect with Nature
  9. Move Your Body, Dance, Stretch, Walk, Yoga, etc.
  10. Acknowledge Your Feelings and Speak Your Truth
  11. Forgive
  12. Release Old Stories
  13. Be Open to Possibility
  14. Give Attention to Loving Thoughts, Positive Emotions
  15. Do What You Love Now!
  16. Have Time in Stillness and Silliness
  17. Trust Your Intuition
  18. Honor Yourself When You Need to Relax and Rest
  19. Feel the Love of the Universe
  20. Give Yourself a Gift and Nurture Your Entire Being in a Delightful Way
  21. Remember to Laugh (Ha-Ha-Ha! Ha is the vibration of the heart field)
  22. Have fun!!!

Each of the tips above also facilitates alkalizing the body, mind and emotionsand supports a state of over all well being.

As we honor our body, we honor Mother Earth…

As we honor our blood, we honor Her rivers…

As we honor our bones, we honor Her mountains…

As we honor our breath, we honor Her winds…

As we honor our belly, we honor Her core…

As we honor our heart, we honor the One Heart of All…

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