A special message from Kumud Bothra, one of our Reiki friends in India. Special full moon in May.


(Which was offered to Gautam Buddha before His Enlightenment)


Buddha Poornima is the most sacred day in India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The three most significant events in the life of Great Buddha occurred on the same day. His birth, enlightenment and death (nirvana), all happened on a full moon night in April/May .This makes the day – called Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti

On Buddha Poornima special dish kheer ,( rice cooked in milk and sugar) is prepared The dish is very special, because this was offered to Buddha by a village girl Sujata , before his enlightenment , and he broke his fast..

Kheer – (for -4)

1\2 lt. milk
40 gms Rice
60 gms sugar
2 cardamoms powder
3 almonds
A pinch of saffron
Optional –Can also add Reiki energy to it as much you wish.

1. First wash the rice and soak it for half an hour,
2. Soak almonds in to the water, so you would be able to peel its skin easily.
3. After boiling the milk, put sugar into it and stir it, now take out the rice from the water and put all the rice in to the milk, and keep on stirring it on a very slow fire, within minutes rice will start boiling in the milk and become soft and cooked .then you put off the gas and put a pinch of saffron, cardamoms powder and chopped almonds. Serve warm or cold

The three main ingredients of this dish rice, sugar and milk are white, are the sign of purity, peace and holiness .It is a .sativc food. Satvic foods according to ayurveda help balance one’s doshas (subtle energies), nourish the body, the mind and ultimately, pave the way for one’s spiritual evolution. In India, sweets are integrally related with ceremonies, festivals and auspicious moments. Rice kheer is a common Indian desert cooked on all auspicious occasions

If you don’t want to put cardamoms, almonds and saffron still you can make it because milk, rice and sugar are essential.

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