Healing for the Earth and the Waters of the World

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Breathing deeply, be thankful for the breath…

appreciate the life force that flows on your breath

Feel it weaving through you

Become aware of your heart center…

and the power of love that dwells here

Breathe deeply and allow the breath to weave into a loving tapestry of light…

notice how this light bathes your entire being

Feel the light washing over your brow and relaxing your forehead ….

Be aware of the awakening which is happening here …

allow the beautiful twilight indigo blue to pulse and breathe

Your soul vision center is awakening …

appreciate the creative power that resides here

And now simply with your intention allow your spirit to soar over the earth …

And appreciate your ability to sense areas in need of healing

Pause and hold a focus love for each area that calls to you

Breathe out the light of Divine healing love, peace, balance and harmony

Feel the earth receive these blessings

Allow your spirit to align with the waters of the world

…the oceans, rivers, lakes and streams

Breathe out the cleansing light of Divine healing love, purity and perfection

Shine this light out for the creatures of the waters, see them safe and healthy

Hold the vision of a planet awakened to the age of peace, love, health and prosperity for all.

Breathing deeply, be thankful for every breath …

And for the life force that flows on your breath

Become aware of our physical body and the power of love that you are.

Honoring Mother Earth

Stepping lightly upon the Earth, feel the strength of our Mother.
With each step, breathe the breath of her air.
Her sacred waters nourish and nurture our bones.
The fire within her belly reminds us of her birthing power.
As she expresses her seasonal rhythms,
She gives and takes, she renews and destroys,
She ebbs and flows, she moves as Nature’s voice.
Privileged are the feet that walk upon her.
Honored are we who journey with her.
She is the pulse of Life revealing itself moment to moment.
Gazing at her through eyes of gratitude and hearts of love,
We honor her.
We are her children dancing the dance of Life in our
Mother’s embrace.
May we listen to her song and learn from her the meaning of honor.
May each breath fill us with her presence and awaken us to our
Highest potential
As we step lightly upon our Mother Earth.

~ Astara E. Edmonds ~


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