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In the month of May, as life continues to grow and emerge, the Sun continues its transit through the practical earth sign Taurus. Taurus energy can be fixed, practical, and materially focused.  This energy helps us garner greater value from our natural surroundings. Taurus Sun signs are security orientated in that they can set about plans and strategies to procure any material possession in a determined way. Taurus needs to grow detachment and flexibility.

The keyword for this sign is “I have”.  Once the power to attract on the material plane is recognized, then the consciousness can grow to a higher level from the material to the spiritual.  Taurus loves nature, the sensual and creature comforts. This is a great time to beautify and celebrate ones possessions and natural surroundings.  The flowers are bursting everywhere with color and the light that they emit helps to raise our vibrations; Happy Birthday Taurus.

The major planetary shifts for May are Mercury and Saturn station direct motion and Uranus transits into Aries.

Mercury turns direct on May 12th in the earth sign Taurus. This week will have some very odd energy as Mercury slows down and things can go haywire so caution moving forward and making connections. Review your written material with care and computers may act up during this time. Schedules can change, so go with the flow as Mercury stations this week. This planetary shift will enlighten us on the value we place on material things.  Notice that greater appreciation has been growing within us during this last Mercury retrograde. Remember that all physical things are an expression of our spirit.

Midway through May, the Sun will shift into the inquisitive, fun loving, air sign, Gemini. (May 20) This planetary shift will lighten the energies to a more playful communicative flow. We are more concerned with networking, socializing and entertaining ideas while the Sun transits through Gemini.

Saturn will station direct May 30th in the earth sign Virgo where it’s concerned with analysis of details so don’t sweat the small stuff during May. Saturn will move forward into Libra in July 22nd where it aims for teamwork, justice and understanding for the next 6 months.

Uranus has been transiting in the water sign Pisces since 2003, that’s seven years of upheaval and change. It has stirred up our imaginations, allowing for inspiration, intuitive alignment with ones higher self; dimensional doorways have opened for us during this time. Now we have the challenge of Uranus in Aries for a brief time this year until mid August.  The challenge and the opportunity in Aries are for us to initiate new enterprises or actions that proclaim our independence or autonomy, however ruthless, as we can see from our recent past with Wall Street and the Federal government.

This is a new energy coming in as Uranus takes about 7 years to transit one sign. The last time it was in Aries was 1928-1935. That was a tumultuous time in our nation’s history as we can bear in mind the Wall Street Crash of 1928, then the Great Depression 1930, and the New Deal with World War II.

This apparently improved the economic engine. The profound changes are coming about yet the larger picture is hard to predict, however, we can almost see how history can repeat itself with the current economic crash. But take heart we will have a new form developing because, from the lessons of the past, we develop greater wisdom.

Neptune the planet that aids us in raising our spirituality is turning retrograde May 31rst in Aquarius where it has been fine tuning our energy body. This transit will assist us for the next 6 months in helping us re-define our ability to open up to other dimensions. If you are studying different energy healing systems like Reiki, this transit will enhance your focus especially if you are an Aquarian or have planets in Aquarius.

The Lunar Cycle for May

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 6th in the air sign Aquarius. This is a good time to look over the last 4 weeks activity and review what is important to you. Aquarius energy allows us to obtain objectivity.

The New Moon occurs May 13th in the practical earth sign Taurus.

Taurus energy lends itself to enjoying life, appreciating others and finding security with one’s surroundings.

The First Quarter Moon occurs May 20th in the fire sign Leo.  This will be a happy day as the Sun also enters the air sign Gemini. Leo likes a party and this can be a good day for social networking.

The Full Moon occurs May 27 in the fire sign Sagittarius. This energy increases idealism, faith and adventure.

Enjoy the bursting momentum of Light this Spring Season.

In Love and Light


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