by Yahaira Volpe

Spring is here now that the Sun has moved into the fire sign Aries starting a new cycle of growth through the celestial zodiac.  All of life is awakening in the northern hemisphere; plants, animals and people from the winter slumber.  The Sun transiting through Aries awakens our creative power. The urge for taking risks, demonstrating leadership and climbing to new heights of awareness are symbolic of this sign’s symbol that being the Ram.  The “I AM” principle is ever present while the Sun moves through Aries. This initiatory creative energy is available for us all to utilize. Aries is ruled by Mars which inclines Aries Sun signs to be aggressive, straightforward, impulsive, adventurous and active.  Aries likes to take action and can act out impulsively perhaps too often without forethought as to the outcomes.

We can feel a sparkle in the air while the Sun transit through Aries. Look for opportunities and let your courage come out this month.

On April 20th the Sun enters the practical earth sign Taurus, all of the movement settles down to a more practical peaceful existence; for a while. We celebrate earth day during this time on April 22nd. Plant seeds, tend the garden and celebrate life on earth all Taurean ruled activities.EarthDay

Mercury in the fixed earth sign Taurus will retrograde on April 18th through May 12th this spring. We may find ourselves really delving into financial issues perhaps re-structuring and reviewing our values concerning the meaning of money, finances and the power behind these symbols for the exchange of resources. Symbols are important to our awakening awareness of the hidden forces behind the curtain of life’s dramas. Look for practical solutions that come from common sense thinking. Mercury through Taurus is practical, restrictive, and prudent.

The other big planetary player in the sky also turning retrograde is Pluto.

This planet/ dwarf continues its transit through Capricorn where it energizes shifts and changes the most ingrained structures on our planet like governments, authority figures and the actual earth itself: all apparently in some type of chaos although holding together through this current change from the old Piscean paradigms of compassion to the new Aquarian focus of objectivity.

Whenever Pluto turns retrograde, that is twice each year, major shifts happen in people’s lives. Pluto rules the forces of death, renewal and transformation.

Those are strong themes this month as we are in the holy holiday season as symbolized by Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday and Easter.  These holidays carry the codes for the renewal and transformation available to us during this planetary shift. We do all change and evolve and this first week of April is a wonderful window of opportunity so stretch your consciousness and embrace it.

The Lunar Cycles

The Last Quarter Moon occurs April 6th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This lunar energy tends to remind us that the cycle is coming to an end.  We can tend the garden and pull weeds between the ending lunar cycle and New Moon. This is the time to re-evaluate your projects and plans by deciding which are the good ones to keep. Capricorn tends to want to organize and have all things running smoothly.

The New Moon comes in bursting with new fiery Aries energy on April 14th.  This New Moon tends to spark action and resourceful inspirations.

The First Quarter Moon for April is on the 21rst in the fire sign Leo a day after the Sun transits into the earth sign Taurus. We will want to celebrate with earth rituals singing dancing and giving thanks to Gaia as she starts to produce her bounty. Participating in community gardens or your own victory gardens in pots if you don’t have too much land around your home is a good way to be attuned with the forces of growth and expansion of the spring season. Moon in Leo likes a good party.

As the month winds down we finish this month with the Full Moon in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. This lunar energy welcomes a quiet retreat from all the busy drama of our lives. This is a good time to integrate positive and negative polarities and allow transformation to occur. Full Moon mediations are a great way to serve the light at this time.

Peace and Blessings


Yahaira, is a gifted astrologer and clairvoyant. She is available for private astrology readings, and also clairvoyant readings. Click the appointment link at the top of any page on this site and book online or call us at Peace Place, 928-203-7755 or 928-204-1216.

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