mariko_smHappy April Showers of Love

by Mariko Yamamoto

The flowering of springtime brings forth splendid song and with it the blooming buds of remembrance, rebirth and the resurrection of new vision and life.

What a perfect time to shed the old and allow for the authentic light and resilience to shine through, as well as innate gifts, talents and abilities to come forward.cherry blossom-

One question which many students and clients have asked with sincerity of heart is,

“How can I access my intuition, my guides, my ability to see clearly?”

“How can I commune and communicate with nature, animals, plants, the land?”

To this I would add the question,

“What would I see if my consciousness were resurrected from a local awareness to a non-local unified field of consciousness?”

Intuition and being clairvoyant unfold naturally out of the realization of the One Consciousness and the honoring of livingness in all of life, whether it’s appearance is animate, inanimate, visible, invisible.

As all of life is interconnected, in truth there is no separation, time, space or distance, so all information is accessible instantaneously.

There is not even a sending or receiving of energy or information from point A to point B, but rather perhaps everything being ever present always and through intent, it is that specific information which lights up in the field in the moment.


Don’t take life too seriously…in other words, play full out!

Let go of the story of not being able to “see.”

Expect the unexpected. Expect miracles.

Call upon the Angels of Vision, Insight and Intuition and give thanks for their assistance.

Honor and notice in the moment what is calling your attention.


Remember that relationship flows in two directions. If you are wishing to open up to your guides, your guides are wishing to open up to you. Keep both pathways open.

Clear out your “Helpful Friends” corner of your home to open the channels of communication with heavenly helpers. Follow the area to the right corner of the home, along the same wall as your front door.

Know you are a magical being connected with all of life.

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Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration

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