Laurelle Shanti Gaia has over  25 years experience in the field of healing arts  and subtle energy.

Laurelle Shanti Gaia has over 25 years experience in the field of healing arts and subtle energy.

Healing the Earth with Love and Appreciation

by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

When was the last time you sat down, quieted your mind and focused on how much the earth has given to humanity? Have you ever sent Reiki energy, or prayers in love and appreciation for all of the gifts she has given us?

As a child, I spent much time playing in the forest around our home.  I found solace sitting on a fallen tree, and feeling the energy of the leaves, the trees, the songs of birds and scurrying squirrels that were part of what had become my sacred space. I would listen to the breeze rustling the leaves, and loved to watch the ever changing tapestry of light and shadow that the sunlight would create on the forest floor.

The influence of my parents and grandparents has inspired my great love for the earth. As an architect, my father always designed buildings to honor the site upon which they were built.  He built around trees, and always situated homes so the families would awaken to an appreciation of the beauty around them. He considered the views, and the interplay of light within and around the home.

My mother still enjoys planting flowers that birth brilliant blossoms for all seasons. As she plants bulbs or seeds, or even seedlings, the earth offers a scent that almost magically helps me feel as if I am one with our earth.

My grandparents all loved gardening and feeding the birds and squirrels. They also introduced me to our oceans and streams.

So perhaps I come by this love for the earth as a result of these influences. peace earth 1However, since I began to welcome Reiki into my life, this love has grown even deeper. Also I have begun to feel as though we all have an energetic responsibility to our mother Earth.

There have been earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc. since the beginning of time. Recently our planet has experienced more of these cleansings than I ever recall happening in such short time frames. Are these simply cries from the earth for our energetic help and support?

In our crystal healing classes, much of our work is dedicated to understanding the importance of expressing love and appreciation for our earth. We work specifically to send energy deep into the earth in areas where she has experienced distress. Using Reiki we pour energy in the form of light onto her surface and we plant seeds of Divine Love to replace what has been taken from her by humanity. We also offer prayers that humanity’s consciousness grows into harmony with that of the earth.  As we develop a deeper resonance with her, we begin to automatically know what we can do in our life to care for her.

Perhaps you are familiar with Masuro Emoto’s  studies of the effects words, thoughts and feelings have on the structure of water. Much of Emoto’s work focuses on the fact that the human body is 60-70% water, and that our thoughts, words and emotions affect the health of our body.

Does the same theory apply to the earth herself? If over 70% of the earth’s surface is water, the consciousness that we hold is likely affecting her health and wellbeing.

Wikipedia explains “Emoto’s water crystal experiments consist of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music, and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. A discovery was made by Emoto, and that is that there are “many differences in the crystalline structure of the water” depending on the type of water source, which were taken from all over the world. For example, a water sample from a “pristine mountain” stream would show a “geometric” design that is “beautifully” shaped when frozen. On the other hand, “polluted water” sources will show a “definite distortion” and will be “randomly formed”.”

If you have not seen images of Emoto’s work with water, here are a few examples.


Water from Fujiwar dam Japan before prayer


Water from Fujiwara dam Japan after prayer


Water infused with love and appreciation

There is a very simple visualization/meditation that anyone can do to help our earth and it involves simply sharing the light of love and appreciation with Reiki. It is  not necessary to actually visualize, if this is difficult for you, simply imagine the process.

Love and Appreciation for the Earth – a Journey

Before you begin this journey, select a special crystal or gemstone to help with your connection to the earth.  Hold this stone in your hands, or place it somewhere near your body.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as we begin.

First just take note of your body … pay attention to how you feel physically … are there any areas of tension?  Begin by focusing at the top of your head and imagine that there is a beam of light shining down upon you, like warm gentle sunlight.  This is the light of Reiki energy. Let this beam of light become a beacon which slowly illumines your body. As the light begins to move down through the crown of your head it gradually locates any area that feels tight, tense, or uncomfortable. Just imagine now, that you can breathe, gentle, peaceful Reiki energy into each area. With each breath you feel any tension beginning to release, relax and slowly melt away.  Continue breathing Reiki energy through your body as you slowly move your awareness from your head, to your neck, relaxing, releasing…to your shoulders … breathe the light…activating Reiki … and your shoulders relax and release. Noticing your arms and your torso, Reiki flows down these areas as soothing, calming, comforting liquid light. Ahhh…so warm and gentle, your arms and torso are completely relaxed.  With your breath, move the light down into your hips, relaxing, and releasing so well that light easily flows into your thighs, gently massaging away any tightness or discomfort…yes…just melting it away….as the light of Reiki now massages your knees and flows down into your calves, relaxing and releasing and on to your ankles, your feet and your toes.  You feel light flowing from the soles of your feet into the earth.

Assessing your body again, you recognize that you are now completely relaxed and very, very comfortable.

And now notice your heartbeat.  Next slowly become aware of the energy of the earth beneath you, and from a distance you hear a pulsing, it is gradually growing a little closer and you begin to hear it more clearly.  This is heartbeat of mother earth.  Notice now, that your heartbeat and her heartbeat are becoming one.

Crystal Gratitude an Earth Healing Journey on CD

Using your intention, Reiki and the light of Divine Love that you are, focus on connecting with the earth in a very special way.  You may wish to invoke the Reiki distant healing symbol and simply intend to send a ray of light out from your heart.  This light becomes a beacon that possesses the ability to locate specific energy.  This beam of light is scanning the earth, searching for a place on the planet that is calling for healing.

You do not need to consciously know where this place is.  The infinite wisdom of the Reiki energy is guiding the light to the perfect place, and it has connected now.

Pause for a moment to recognize this connection, and the ability you have to send energy across this connection, as if it were traveling over a bridge that transcends time and space.

Now think about the beautiful qualities of the earth, and the infinite nurturance she has offered to you throughout your life. Allow these thoughts to activate the corresponding emotions of gratitude…appreciation…love.  As these qualities begin to awaken, you FEEL them within the very center of your soul.  This feeling becomes light and it flows effortlessly, and powerfully across that beacon of light to the place on the planet which is in calling for healing.

Your gratitude, appreciation and love, in its clearest form is now pouring, like liquid healing light into the earth, helping to replenish her.  You are giving back to her more than has been taken from her.  You are helping to replace more than she lost.  The beat of her heart is now carrying this light of soul love deep, deep into the earth, beginning to recreate the delicate balance of the earth’s electromagnetic field that once existed.

Become aware now that the healing spirit in your heart is growing stronger as you are feeling your resonance with the earth more than ever before.

Now, simply with your intention, begin to seal the healing energy that you have planted here, into the earth.  Intend that this healing will continue from this moment on.

Next, gently disconnect the beacon of light from the earth, and inhale and draw this light into your heart as you inhale.

Once again focus on your breath and become aware of your own heart beat, as you gradually bring yourself back into your physical body.  Begin to return now, full of light, full of love, and full of hope.  Take a few breaths now, and slowly open your eyes and come back to the present moment now.

It is my hope and prayer that each and every person on this planet will create time every day to give thanks to our Creator for this beautiful planet, and to our mother earth for her nurturance.

Thank you for the light of Divine Love that you are.

Peace and infinite blessings


Laurelle is the Director of Teacher Licensing for the International Center for Reiki Training, President of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc and the author of The Book on Karuna Reiki, Be Peace Now, and many published articles. Laurelle operates an active healing and teaching practice in Sedona, AZ and upstate New York.

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