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Life is a shimmering luminous River, a wellspring of sparkling vibrancy and power, flowing through and around all things, a sacred dance of one infinite moment opening into the next…

But sometimes it may feel as if the elements of life are bumping up against one another or resistance is placing it’s brakes upon the flow, producing the feeling of life being a bit “off” or even “way off” kilter, stuck or out of momentum.

Is there a way to tap into the River’s natural rhythms, ride the magical current and allow its magnanimous strength to deliver and guide us into the moment where exists the magic, synchronicities, hope and dreams fulfilled?fountain

As above, so below,

As within, so without…

Perceptual maps appear both within us and around us in our bodies, homes, places of work and environments.

Shifting even one element can have a profound effect in the flow, consciousness, awareness and experience of life.

Release Barriers

Open up the areas in your home or work space that feel “squeezed” or blocked. Even moving a chair or table over by a few inches will shift the energy and the entire field, both on the inner and outer planes.

Remove anything placed behind a door so that the door of opportunity is able to open fully.

Tell the Truth and Be in Alignment with Who You Are

Clear out all items which no longer resonate with you.  Have only those items which support, enliven, nourish you.

Smooth Out the Rough Edges

Soften sharp edges of furniture with plants or beautiful cloth.

Soften any harsh lighting.

Make Connections

Bridge elements which feel separate, cut off or out of reach.

For instance, if there is a lone angel, whose placement feels far away or on her own, move her to a place where she can be appreciated or integrated to other elements in the environment. Another example is to place items that you use often in easy reach which gives the message of ease and accessibility

Follow through on any communications which feel incomplete.

Reconnect to Your Core Expression and Play Full Out

When you are in alignment with your passion, all of life seems to team with vitality and synchronicity.

Choose a figure or team of figures which inspire the spark within you such as a superhero, wizard, god, goddess, teacher, power animal, etc. and place a photo, figure or artwork of this figure in a highly visible place where you express your creativity.

Be Receptive to Support from the Universe

When it comes to communications devices such as telephones and cell phones, designate a place where they are easily heard, easy to access and to find.

Hang a picture of a mountain behind you where you sleep or where you sit at your desk to give you a mountain of support.


Place a fountain near your entryway, on the right hand side of your door, as you enter you home.

May your journey flow with love, grace and beauty always…

Mariko, is a gifted feng shui consultant and a healer. She is available for private sessions. Click the appointment link at the top of any page on this site and book online or call us at Peace Place, 928-203-7755 or 928-204-1216.

Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration

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