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Spring is just around the corner bringing in the energies of new beginnings and starting afresh just like Mother Nature’s sprouting of new leaves and blossoms. Astrologically, the Sun is transiting through the imaginative water sign Pisces until March 20th when it enters into the fire sign Aries signaling the beginning of spring.

March can be a turbulent month, remember the old saying March can come in like a lamb and end like a lion. The water sign Pisces which is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune offers us an inclination to the more intuitive side of our natures. Our imagination, sensitivity and vulnerabilities are heightened during this time. Pisces Sun signs, are emotional, sensitive and sentimental kind folks who are sometimes overly protective of loved ones or personal interests. They seek material security before they embark upon spiritual pursuits. But eventually they find themselves delving into the more spiritual life. Happy Birthday Pisces this year will bring you optimism, opportunities, and faith as Jupiter transits over your Sun by boosting your energies.

mosaic representing the 12 zodiac signs, figured on a church in Corsica

mosaic representing the 12 zodiac signs, displayed on a church in Corsica

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be moving through the fire sign Aries middle of March. This transit increases the pioneering feisty energies that Aries influences. We may want to take risks during this time however look before you leap.

The Vernal Equinox occurs March 20th the Sun moves into Aries starting a new cycle through the zodiac. Aries a cardinal fire sign. It is enthusiastic, pioneering, ambitious, bold and brazen. The energy is high so this is a good time to start projects that you will develop over the year.

The Lunar Phases for March

The Last Quarter Moon occurs March 7th in the idealistic fire sign Sagittarius. We can be forward looking, wanting travel, adventure, and change during this lunar cycle. This is a good time to understand our aspirations for self-improvement. Intellectual and educational pursuits are good ways of expressing this energy.

The New Moon occurs on March 15th in the intuitive water sign Pisces. Intuition, psychic perceptions lead the way towards pulling in new ideas.Artistic inventions especially music, do well under this lunar influence.

The First Quarter Moon occurs March 23rd in the nurturing water sign Cancer. This is a time to get in touch with your subconscious programs.

Although people may be passive wanting to stay at home and indulge, this is a good time to get in touch with your security issues and remember that all things that come to us come from Source.

We finish out the month of March with the Full Moon in the passionate water sign Scorpio. This energy is great for meditation and yogic practices that help us move through our shadow side and lift up into the transformative. With these transformative energies we can look forward to a new beginning as we voyage the initiatory stage of the zodiac.

And as the old adage advises; it’s a wise person who knows the stars and a fool who is ruled by them.

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