by Yahaira Volpe

The month of February usually signals that midpoint of the winter season. Ground Hog day occurs on the 2nd while the moon is in Libra. This is a good time for socializing, putting things into balance. We are getting closer to the Spring Vernal Equinox in March.

We associate February with the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

This sign is known for its eccentricity. Aquarius sun signs are outgoing, eccentric, communicative and love to share their knowledge. The sign’s symbol is the angel pouring out energy from a vase.  They are inventive, original, intellectual and friendly although detached -Happy Birthday Aquarians.


Most Aquarians have been going through a trying time because Neptune the planet that spiritualizes all that it touches; has been conjoining their Sun. They may be feeling confused, foggy or seeking a life path with more meaning and purpose. This brings about a spiritualizing affect on the Aquarius personality. They must now be more flexible with their opinions and open to the spiritual vibrations.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune will all be in the eccentric air sign Aquarius around the middle of the month. With this concentration of Aquarius energy influencing us, we are more apt to be unconventional, opinionated, and craving freedom from the traditional.  Seek to channel this energy in creative and inventive ways.

Mars and Saturn continue their retrograde motion deepening our perceptions. On the surface we are hearing more about covert war tactics being employed by the government and media setting up more of the fear provoking agendas that color the mainstream’s perception. So look deeper at what is being presented as fact while these two planets are in retrograde. Mars turns direct on March 10th. Saturn turns direct May 30th these dates signal planetary shifts that bring change; Mars rules the action, energy drives and Saturn rules the forces of limitation from which we learn perseverance, strength and persistence.

However, Jupiter the planet of expansion, wealth, and opportunities is moving through Pisces a good sign for Jupiter co-rules Pisces so it functions better. This signals a time where we can come out of the depression of the last 2 ½ years.

The Lunar Phases for February


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The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 5th in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. While the Moon transits through Scorpio, we are likely to be feeling strong passions and desires. On a Friday evening this can create a romantic vibration. Be sure to get clear on your emotions before taking social risks.

This Moon is great if you utilize Scorpio’s intensity to get work done.

The New Moon occurs Saturday Feb. 13th in the fixed air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius urges us to participate in public affairs, express concern for humanitarian pursuits and make decisions. People are likely to be friendly and open. This lunar phase starts the cycle so this is a good time to start new projects. This is an inventive time.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 21rst in the dualistic air sign Gemini. This dual sign sees both sides to every issue and finds decision making challengin. This is a good time to evaluate projects, network with others, and have a fun time. This energy is great for writing and communications.

The Full Moon occurs Feb. 28 in the analytical earth sign Virgo.

The Virgo energy encourages us to organize details, research and look over our diets, physical regimens and finish our house work. Yoga, tai chi, meditation are good ways to channel the full moon energy.

Why know about the lunar cycle?

The lunar cycle is the time to see how your plans and projects are progressing. The Moon’s vibration helps us to grow things on earth whether they are physical or psychological.

Sacred Circles New Moon Journey into the Angelic Realms and Inner Planes

Sacred Circles New Moon Journey into the Angelic Realms and Inner Planes

The New Moon is good to initiate and start. Ideas are generating and given the emotional force.

The First Quarter Moon is when we start to see the manifestation of those ideas. We can start to promote them more.

The Full Moon gives us the time to see how things are progressing it’s the epitome point of the development.

The Last Quarter Moon is when we can actually see the results come to fruition.  This is the time to weed out projects and plans that did not take root in the previous phases. This is a great time to evaluate rest and recuperate. Knowing the transits to your natal chart can help you map out the best times to move forward or change directions. For a reading of current transits to your natal chart call me. I will be happy to help you.

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