Wellness consciousness can be defined as an intuitive awareness of your body’s needs. This ability can guide you through the self-healing process.

As you begin to feel more empowered through greater awareness of the healing power of your soul, you may also develop the understanding that we are all responsible for the conditions in our life including our health quality.

Although health care professionals serve vital functions in our society, it is not necessary to relinquish total control of our healthcare into someone else’s hands. It is possible to know our bodies so well that we can communicate clearly with doctors, chiropractors, counselors and other therapists and take an active part in our own wellness. When we can speak clearly for our bodies, we help the health care professionals serve us more effectively.

Western medicine is rediscovering the ancient metaphysical wisdom that the physical body has an intricate memory system known as “cellular memory”. It stores the remembrance of everything our body experiences.

Physical development of disease causes response in the emotional and mental bodies, which have their own memory system in the form of light patterns woven into the etheric field.

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