Class Content – Day 1

Opening ceremony/meditation

Discussion – What is Reiki Drumming, Origins of Reiki Drumming

Reiki Drum Journey-Finding Your Voice
This is a gently guided journey back through the participants consciousness to locate a point in time where they felt silenced, stifled, ashamed, or afraid to make sound. Using a time-link Reiki technique and the heartbeat of Michael’s drumming, Reiki energy flows back to that time to transform fear into love, and facilitate the release of hesitation to create sound.

Group Drumming
Celebrating the Integration of the Voice

Group Drumming and Sacred Space Creation
Preparing for Attunement

Level II Reiki Drumming Attunement
Attunement utilizing the traditional.
Usui Level II symbols with the intention of attuning the Reiki drum and the student’s higher self to one another and ultimately to the Heart and Mind of the Divine.

Intuitive Development
Enhancing ability to intuitively discern the vibrational frequencies of the Reiki symbols through sound.

Professional Ethics for Reiki Drumming Practitioners

Reiki Drumming Basic Technique
Strengthening Your Light
Soul Breathing- Clearing the channel
Developing Healing Intention with Client
Aligning the Chakra and Energy Bodies of Client
Scanning the Aura with the Drum
Intuiting the Reiki Energy
Drumming technique
Client Integration
Offering Gratitude

Practice giving and receiving Reiki drum sessions

Closing Circle

Class Content – Day 2

Opening Circle

Developing healthy mental thought processes and emotional responses
the power of thought – thoughts are “things”
the collective creative God consciousness
recoding unhealthy mental and emotional patterns with Reiki Drumming
affirming and integrating positive change

Giving and Receiving the Re-patterning Session

Reiki drum session exchange

The Reiki Journey Technique
Introduction to the Shamanic Drum Journey
Similarities and Differences between Reiki Drumming
and Shamanic Drumming
Uses for the Reiki Drum Journey Technique – releasing personal blocks, clearing genetic blocks, ancestral healing . . .
Practice Reiki Shamanic Drumming
Receive a Reiki Drumming Journey Session

Process and integrate

Facilitate a Reiki Drum Journey Session

Process and integrate

Group Reiki Drumming Earth Healing and Peace Session

Certification discussion and assignments for prospective Certified Independent Reiki Drumming InstructorsTM.

Practitioner Certification Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Reiki Drumming Practitioner

Tuition for practitioner workshop – $475 – INCLUDES a Reiki drum PLUS
16 hours of instruction, class workbook, certificate

Non-refundable registration deposit of $275 reserves your space
balance of $200 due at time of class.

Although deposits are non-refundable they may be transferred to a future class within 1 year of the original registration.


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