“Hi Laurelle & Michael: I stopped by the Peace Place for the first time yesterday on my way to a yoga class and it was truly an amazing experience. I’ve been a little bit on the grumpy side with Mercury in retrograde, but after I left the Peace Place, I felt absolutely wonderful – just as if I’d received a powerful reiki treatment. Thank you for the experience!”

Lots of Love…Judy”

My arrival at Peace Place, the quaint little building that is home to The Reiki Center of Sedona, was a memorable one. As you approach, it is difficult not to be taken in by the beautiful backdrop of sandstone peaks and their never–ending hues of vibrant color, but also there is an
unmistakable air of peaceful tranquility about Sedona, and Peace Place too seems to have its very own “hot–spot” of calming energy; it oozes a sense of peacefulness that draws you closer even without realizing it. It is easy to see why it was named so. As I stood in front of Peace Place however, an altogether different force began calling to me. Right above the entrance was a big sign announcing the presence of a store. I should confess right now that I am a hopeless shopping fanatic, and the promise of the wonders that might be foundwithin quickly became irresistible. My feet began to walk, and I followed. And so it was that I found myself stepping into an Aladdin’s cave of glittering crystals, intricate ornaments, instruments of one kind or another, and a myriad of other little things; some recognizable, some demanding that I take a closer look to satisfy my curiosity. I was in paradise. ~ Yadira, Reiki Master, California

“I’m writing this e-mail to say thank you for a wonderful experience at your beautiful place “Peace Place”. It was truly a highlight of our trip to Sedona. It was delightful to go into a place nearly clear across the country and be welcomed by your associate ” Sophia” like a long lost friend. Your gift shop is beautiful and your classroom is magical. The reiki share was a phenomenal experience. My daughter experienced reiki for the first time. It was truly a wonderful experience for her. Thank You again for the opportunity to visit your establishment and it was a truly magical experience. Charlie & Monica

Thank you so very much Laurelle for a wonderful crystal healing class and great experiences….
I did one treatment for my husband who is a “computer engineer” so..not really into stones and crystals. Let me tell you that he now believes in energy. He had a special experience. He described it to me like “an electric storm around and inside his head” (at some point during the treatment he moved his hand around is neck and head thinking there was something there).
He told me later that he had a headache before starting the treatment with the stones… The headache was gone and he slept very good that night.

Dear Michael and Laurelle,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience in the Reiki 1 & 2 classes I took with both of you over the weekend, I have felt so wonderful all day and just filled with inspiration. I have been using Reiki throughout today at every opportunity that has presented itself!!

You both gave all of us so many gifts over the weekend, as well as passing on the amazing gift of Reiki …

Again I thank you so very much, this has been a calling on my life’s journey and I am grateful to have had the experience. My desire is to continue to the Master level so I will be working with the symbols and listening to my guides, as I would love to take the Master training you…

Many Blessings to both of you ~ Joanna

Dear Laurelle & Michael,
I am so filled with gratitude. This is from my heart, soul. I can only imagine what the others thought when I came back into the reiki share I felt like I was one of those people who appear at healing sessions and are miraculously healed (where no one believes they were REALLY sick/ill to begin with) …
With Deepest Gratitude, Love & Light Always

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